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Standard-type motorcycles have a riding position midway between the forward-rotated position of a sportbike and the reclined arrangement of a cruiser, putting the rider in a very natural position not unlike a low dirtbike. Standards often have little or no fairing and limited bodywork, and many are appropriately termed as Naked bikes. Standards are popular for commuting and other city riding, as the upright riding position is comfortable and gives greater visibility in traffic.

2014 BMW R nineT Unveiling

Has BMW created the Universal German Motorcycle? Go see a nineT when they’re available and find out for yourself.

2014 Honda Grom Video Review

The Honda Grom brings back that youthful enjoyment we can all remember from the first time we swung a leg over a motorcycle.

2014 Honda Grom Review – Video

The Honda Grom is perfect for new riders looking for a great learning tool, or the experienced pilot looking for a good time.

Best Standard Motorcycle of 2013

Honda rang our heartstrings when it introduced its nostalgia-tinged CB1100 and it proves adept at nearly any task thrown at it.

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