Sometimes OEMs just like to show off how cool they are, and this year, Honda featured the work of its R&D facility in Rome. The featured project was this tasty-looking CB4 ‘Interceptor’ Concept.

Gorgeous, right? My favorite concept for a long time.

It builds on other CB4 concepts from prior shows like the CB4 and CBsix50. Honda says it “adds an evocative ‘Sport Endurance’ tone to the original design language of the CB4 Concept, creating a new perspective…” An interesting touch is a fan converts the motorcycle’s kinetic energy to electricity that powers a tank-mounted touchscreen for navigation, calls or maybe ordering skate shoes and beard oil on Amazon.

Unlike some concepts, this is one that looks like a possible product, and indeed there are rumors of the other CB4 concept moving toward production. I love the classic endurance-racer look, so let’s hope this will someday be in the Honda lineup.

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  • DickRuble

    Looks like the old vitpilen concept.

    So much for originality and innovation..

    • Starmag

      In your attempt to find something negative in everything, you have officially jumped the shark Dick. I’d say”nice try” but it wasn’t.

    • Matt Howerton

      Similar but not exact. I think the Honda concept looks better. Cool Vitpilen though.

      • DickRuble

        ..not exact.. they’re not going to copy it exactly. There’s such thing as copyright. Click on the posting and you’ll see them one under the other. The similarities are striking. And that Vitpilen was a 400cc too.

        • Matt Howerton

          Yes sir I Iooked. And I was hoping the Honda was 400cc but on the tail pic it says 1000R right above the taillight. Still a cool concept bike but I was hoping for a multi cylinder small bore offering in the near future. Thanks for the comparison pics though.

          • Matt Howerton

            Hell, looking again that might be a small case I for interceptor before the 0 0 0 R. So who knows, might be 400cc’s after all.

          • DickRuble

            Here’s a production 400 that I like better than this exercise


          • Matt Howerton

            Indeed. Which market got that one?

          • DickRuble

            Japan for sure.. maybe others.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Mostly Japan. Then south-east Asia and Australia. Too pricey for Canada at that displacement (and, I guess, the USA, too).

    • Born to Ride

      Looks like they stole the rear wheel right off my multistrada.

  • Starmag

    I’d still prefer this for a bike to inflict ass and wrist pain:

    • Alaskan18724

      Si! Si!

  • spiff

    I think a CB-1 would be prudent.

  • Matt O

    I like everything about it except the name, interceptors are supposed to be v4

    • Junker

      My heart skipped a beat when I saw “Interceptor”, but no, just a false alarm.

    • John Gregory

      Yep… Two things are necessary for a bike to be an “Interceptor”… A V4 engine and the ability to INTERCEPT bikes like Gixxers and Ninjas. Honda hasn’t shown us a bike worthy of the moniker since the last VFR750…

      Final rant. VFR means V-Four RACE. Gear-driven cam drives are the hallmark of a Viffer, not soft suspension and the ability to go from 2 to 4 valves.

      • Matt O

        I have a vtec 800, I’d be pleased with just a normal head. I like that it gives up very little performance and is all day comfortable. Lighter and some more horses would be great but the only thing holding me back from being a faster rider is myself.

        • John Gregory

          Your bike is a wonderful sport touring bike, what was called a “semi-sport” before my hairline started moving without my permission. Comfortable and faster than my VF500F… If you want it to be.

          While it’s not a true Interceptor, it sure is a keeper!

      • SerSamsquamsh

        Thanks! I’ve had 3 VFRs and never knew it had any significance. I liked the gear drive but it was always loud- the frequency of tinnitus. The VTEC thing is gimmicky and a little glitchy but at least I can choose when to go loud:)

        • John Gregory

          What I want to do is pick up a used Superhawk and turn it into my dream bike. It’s no supersports bike, but it’s comfortable, lighter than a Viffer and has more ponies.. I’ve had one Honda v-twin and two Honda V-fours… One with chain and two with shafts. Time to even that out with a chain-driven twin.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            Moderation and balance is an importance element of a healthy life. Your plan is very sound. I’ve always loved the Superhawk too!

    • Born to Ride

      I’d like to add to that the “Engine Start/Stop” button that is lifted directly from the 2014 Civic.

  • Matt Howerton

    CB4. I was a huge fan of the little CB400F SS of the ’70’s. Have been looking for more information on this concept and am wondering if CB4 means a 400cc four cylinder engine? Would be good stuff if Big Red were developing a small displacement multi cylinder engine for public consumption. Make it a small tidy lightweight package that’s noticeably smaller than the 600’s and I’m aboard.

  • Ron Zu

    Does the missing headlight symbolize a lack of vision?


    if you build it,they will come

  • TonyCarlos

    Looks like Honda got ahold of BMWs sales figures, saw what its Vintage line was doing, and said “we want a piece of that.” “Again.”

  • Fabian

    Will they stop? I want to buy one new bike each day of the week.

  • GreggJ

    I like that a heated seat comes standard

  • Daan Boonen

    i prefair also the air cooled bike cheers amigo’s

  • Alclab

    This is IMO the best looking bike of EICMA 2017

  • mikstr

    wasn’t overly keen on its looks initially but I must it is growing on me…. though it’s no NM4…. lol

  • Daniel Benjamin

    This is where the “retro” movement should be headed. Instead of manufacturers trying to make bikes that look like the bikes your dad rode, they should make them look like the bikes your (grand)kids will ride.

  • gadgety

    Love the design, towards a more rounded style. Best looking bike an EICMA ’17. Now, Honda, don’t be tardy, just build it.