Ducati and fashion brand Diesel are collaborating once again, this time with a limited edition Diavel model. Ducati will produce only 666 units featuring a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic look jointly created by Diesel Creative Director Andrea Rosso and the Ducati Design Center.

This marks the second Diesel-branded limited edition Ducati following the 2013 Diesel Monster 1100 EVO.

“The collaboration with Diesel enabled us to explore original stylistic and technical aspects whilst staying within the Ducati brand and fully respecting its values,” says Claudio Domenicali, Ducati Motor Holding chief executive officer. “In this case we worked with Diesel on an already uniquely original bike like the Diavel and the result was surprising to put it mildly. The details characterizing the Diavel Diesel cannot fail to captivate connoisseurs of special bikes but also people from different walks of life, such as fashion. It’s always stimulating for us to move outside the world of motorcycling and widen our brand’s areas of interest.”


The Diavel Diesel features a hand-brushed stainless steel look with visible welds and rivets, making it not look entirely out of place alongside Imperator Furiosa’s War Rig (they still wear denim in the wasteland, don’t they?) The air intake covers feature a panel of red methacrylate sporting the Diesel logo. The red color is repeated on the Brembo front brake calipers, on five links of the drive chain and the LCD digital display.

The exhaust pipes received a black Zircotec ceramic coating, ending with black machined silencers. The exhausts, the matt black front fender and the ribbed leather seat each sport a three-sided pyramid motif represent the three ‘D’s of Ducati, Diavel and Diesel.


“It’s an important bike that reflects the rock side of Diesel’s DNA,” says Rosso. “The wording ‘Never look back’ engraved with the two logos captures the essence of this collaboration: a timeless bike that catches the eye with so many unmistakable details, such as the brushed stainless steel with visible welding and rivets. Ducati, Diavel and Diesel, three words, six letters each, forming 666, the limited number of examples of this new collaboration.”




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Ducati Communities

  • spiff

    Glow plugs standard?

  • DickRuble

    What a novel idea! That’s never been done before. It doesn’t even look stupid..

  • Numbone

    I predict confusion at the gas, er, diesel pump.

  • Numbone

    I understand Aprilia will be working with the US Cattle Association in marketing a new model code named “methane”.

  • SRMark

    i got a little excited for a second. But it’s just BNG. A beat-up tank. BFD.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Ooooh, they’re making 666 of them! It’s that number that people are leery of, how EDGY! I bet whoever buys these bikes must be the coolest, most awesome person EVER!!!

    • denchung

      Officially, they picked 666 because there are six letters in each of Ducati, Diavel and Diesel, but yes, it’s not surprising for a bike whose name means “devil.”

      • TheMarvelous1310

        It’s the cheapest trick since the whole Martha thing in Batman vs. Superman. It’s such a cheap trick, the band Cheap Trick is suing for copyright infringement.

        • spiff

          They just want you to want them? (They=Ducati/Diesel, Them=Diavel)

    • Starmag

      No doubt. When you name your bike Diavel and make 666 special models, you’re trying way too hard to be badass and end up lame. To say nothing of the styling.

  • Old MOron
  • TheMarvelous1310

    WAITAMINUTE! They still sell the Diavel classic? How nice of them.

  • Old MOron

    Ha ha ha, I finally watched the video.
    Did anyone else notice that the bike’s pilot is modeled on the Kurgan from the original Highlander movie? They even gave him a scar (on his cheek instead of his neck).