Husqvarna presented the production version of its Vitpilen 701 at EICMA alongside a concept version of its sibling, the Svartpilen 701. We’ll have more on the flat track-inspired Svartpilen 701 in a separate post, but here’s what we know about the “White Arrow” Vitpilen.

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The Vitpilen 701 is powered by a 693cc Single derived from the KTM 690 Duke’s powerplant, claiming 73.8 hp at 8500 rpm and 53.1 lb-ft. at 6750 rpm. The engine is matched with a slipper clutch and six speed transmission. The electronic fuel injection is managed by a ride-by-wire throttle control, with traction control as standard.

The engine is mounted to a chromium molybdenum tubular steel frame. WP Suspension supplies the 43mm upside-down fork and linked rear monoshock, both offering 5.3 inches of travel.

The front wheel is equipped with a single 320mm disc and Brembo four-piston radial-mount caliper while the rear wheel has a 240 mm disc with a single-piston caliper also from Brembo. A switchable Bosch 9M+ ABS comes standard.

Other important details include a 32.7-inch seat height, 3.2 gallon fuel tank and a claimed weight (without fuel) of 346 pounds. We’ll have information on U.S. pricing and availability when they became available.

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  • Old MOron

    Yes! They built it.

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      This bike, and all of the other featured machines in the latest articles, has me bouncing around like a twelve-year-old on a diet of nought but refined sugar and red dye number forty!

  • SRMark

    Hell of a sight better looking than folded orange body panels.

  • Robotribe

    346 lb. dry is a mighty sexy data point. This thing is going to be super fun.

    • DickRuble

      That’s 400lbs (+- 5lbs) wet. With the high seat it has a high center of gravity. How is this better than the existing 690 Duke or 690 Duke R?

      • Luke

        I think this is more of an “design/style” statement than the 690. If you like that statement or not, well…

        And as a style piece, it’ll probably carry a $1200 premium over the Duke.

      • Kyle

        That’s 346lbs without fuel, not completely “dry”. 3.2 gallons of gas is about 20 lb. Round up to 370 lbs ready to go, to be generous, that sounds pretty excellent to me!

        • DickRuble

          You know for a fact that ktm dry weight is differemt fro all other manufacturers? You’re positive?

          • Kyle

            Just going off of what was stated in the article : “Other important details include a 32.7-inch seat height, 3.2 gallon fuel tank and a claimed weight (without fuel) of 346 pounds.”

          • Born to Ride

            KTM likes to give 3 weights Ruble. Dry, tank empty, and 90% full of gas.

          • DickRuble

            Well, here they say 346 lbs dry…

  • Mark Vizcarra

    So basically a 690 duke with a husky name on it

    • Gabriel Owens

      Yeah….they look exactly the same.

    • Born to Ride

      and not hideous.

      • Gabriel Owens

        Did you ever think Dick and Bashir are the same person?

        • Born to Ride

          It would be the greatest troll job of all time. Simultaneously playing the mindless fanboi and the resentful pessimist. Haha this musing gave me a chuckle.

    • DickRuble

      .. and a narrow, thin seat, and higher center of gravity.

    • TheMarvelous1310

      Nope! A Firebird is different from a Camaro, even with the same engine, because the vehicle around the motor was designed with a different thought process.

      • Rocky Stonepebble

        Did you know that, for years, in Canada, all Pontiacs came with Chevrolet motors, except the Firebird? And that the Sprint Turismo “Fitch” Firebird (OHC straight six) was far more popular here, than in the USA?

        Your buddy, John The Zed, also had some wacky ideas, such as his racing Brabham Firebirds, with Repco SOHC V8 Pontiac engines.

        But, I digest.

  • Luke

    Love my FZ-09, but da-ham… that’s a nice looking bike. Looks like fun too with that weight as well…

  • Jens Vik

    Boom! I am going to the dealer when he gets back from EICMA!
    Just hope they manage to get it out early next year. The 400 is still not in the showroom.

  • William

    Shut up and take my money!