Hot on the heels of the new Kawasaki Z900RS comes a café racer variant sporting a bikini fairing and drop-style handlebars.

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Mechanically, the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe is the same as the regular Z900RS revealed last month at the Tokyo Motor Show. The engine is the same 948cc Inline-Four claiming 110 hp at 8,500 rpm and 72.6 lb-ft. 6,500 rpm, again paired with an assist and slipper clutch, six-speed transmission and megaphone exhaust (which receives a brushed finish for the Cafe version).

The Cafe version sports a green paint job with a white stripe running along both sides of the tank, continuing to the fairing and circling around the single headlight. The black, drop-style handlebars lend for a more aggressive posture, while the cafe-style  seat is 32.2-inches from the ground, or 0.6 inches lower than on the Z900RS.

The suspension system is the same as on the Z900RS, with a 41mm inverted fork offering 10-way compression and 12-way rebound adjustability and stepless preload adjustability and a horizontal back-link shock like the Z900RS and Z900. Dual 300mm discs are matched with monoblock four-piston calipers up front, while a single-piston caliper stops the single 250mm rear disc. The wheels, as on the Z900RS, are cast with flat spokes that give the illusion of wire spokes.

With the fairing and change in seat designs, the Z900RS Cafe claims a weight of 476 pounds, or 4.4 pounds more than the Z900RS’ claimed weight.

As with the Z900RS, we await word from Kawasaki about U.S. availability and pricing.

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Kawasaki Communities

  • NDA

    Looks great. Kawasaki putting proper brakes and suspension on it puts it well above any of the other retro fashion bikes.

  • Rocky Stonepebble

    Me want.

    • Alaskan18724

      A point at which our vectors intersect.

      • Alaskan18724

        Nigh unto perfect, this one is.

        • Rocky Stonepebble

          That bike is sexier than Julie Newmar!

          • Alaskan18724

            Nothing is sexier than Julie Newmar. Except maybe Jacqueline Bisset. And this bike.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Julie Newmar in Catwoman outfit.
            Yvonne Craig in Batgirl gear.
            I win.
            Now, I must be excused for a bit …

          • Alaskan18724

            Okay. You win.

          • Alaskan18724

            Maybe not. Jacqueline Bisset in a t-shirt. Underwater.

          • Rocky Stonepebble
          • Alaskan18724

            Oooh. Distressing, that is.

          • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

            Yikes, they let that on 60s television?

          • Rocky Stonepebble
          • Gabriel Owens

            Is their such a thing?

          • Alaskan18724

            By definition, not bad. Any untitled film still that elicits that response must, ipso facto, come from a not bad film.

          • Gabriel Owens

            Heather Thomas.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Kudos, sir.

          • Bmwclay

            Petula Clark

          • Gabriel Owens

            Susan Anton.

          • Bmwclay

            Linda Ronstadt.

          • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

            Wow! You are dating yourself Sir. And not dating Julie. 🙂

  • Allem Moreno
  • StripleStrom

    Dig it. Can you say ZRX?

  • Alaskan18724

    Whoo, boy. First the Z900RS. Then distracted by the big Ducati Scrambler. Then distracted by the Honda CB1000. Then realllllly distracted by the Indian dirt track concept, but that’s just pie in the sky, since Indian can’t pull the trigger when everyone else does.
    Now this. I’ll take two, and keep one in the bubble wrap.

  • Jens Vik

    Please, give us an alternative to green! What a hot ride!

  • KevinM044

    You’re getting warmer, Kawasaki… a square headlight and some dark blue added to the green and white, and I can have my “new” ZRX!!!

  • Robotribe

    Well, this makes it official: I desperately need a bigger garage.

  • Matt O

    ok thats a step up. love the green and white

  • edbob

    HOLY CRAPBALLS! THEY READ MY MIND! And it’s NOT a clipon, lay on your stomach deal style cafe bike – I should be able to ride this around for an hour or two without dying. Already thinking of what I”m going to tell the wife.

  • Starmag

    I really hope the two variants sell well so we can get the Japanese to cut down on the Transbuggifer thing.

  • JWaller

    Man, Kawasaki’s on a roll. This, the “regular” Z900RS and that H2 SX. Also diggin’ that Moto Guzzi replacement for the Stelvio. Too bad I’m not in the market, though if I were, I’d have a tough time deciding which bike to buy. Maybe I should actually buy a lottery ticket. It’s the only way.

    • Born to Ride

      The new Guzzi is a long way off still, but I’m gonna end up with the Z900RS or a CB1000R in my garage next year.

      • Alaskan18724

        Guessing it’ll come down to those two for me, too.


    Damn thats looks very cool, retro back in my day watching King Eddie!!!!

  • F R Burdett

    LOVE IT!!
    My Brother Had a ’76 KZ900 in the dark Brown…and I had a ’72 350 Triple in fire Red…
    My Brother is already talking about getting one of these…and I just might get the Cafe Model…and re-Paint it in fire RED!!

  • Alaskan18724

    Is there just a little bit of Seca 550 in there? Only better?

  • Daniel Benjamin

    I think Honda has got a better design with their cb1000r. This looks like an old bike- even with the trellis frame in place of a cradle one. On the other hand, the Honda looks contemporary. Since I wasn’t alive in the 70’s, a bike that looks like it’s from the 70’s holds no nostalgia, it doesn’t make me feel young. Maybe I’ve just got a futurist view, but my fav new designs are the Honda, Kawi’s own z900 and the Indian ftr1200 concept (trellis frame, swingarm, low profile led light cluster and angular body panels- just cuz it’s based on a flat tracker doesn’t mean it looks retro). All the 1200 needs is 17″ hoops 🔧

  • mog

    BINGO!!! A company from Japan finally got my interest. Lookswise, this one is a buyer-keeper. Now, let’s see the stats and road test. 463 pounds puts it in the ballpark of acceptability too. Good work K.

  • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

    Unfortunately too tall for me, but looks like a wonderful bike on every level.

  • yanassi

    If I had a garage I would get a cafe to accompany my Zx10r, good idea kawi. Sadly with the bonneville beauty and conderate sculptural fantasies, couldn’t kawi find a real designer instead of having a mechanic slap some cafe plastic on a small bike to offer a faux look.

  • DarR

    Well done Kawi.