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Updated March 2020

Ducati has been in the motorcycle game since 1950, and the Italian marquee has a reputation for building stylish, high-performance machines. One of those early efforts was the 125cc Grand Prix racer with the “Desmo” valve operating system launched in 1956 that was reliable up to 15,000 rpm – a number still immensely impressive today! Ducati’s list of sought after designs is long, but the 916 (released in 1994) and MH900e SportClassic (released in 2000) are two fine examples of Italian motorcycle sex appeal. Even current models like the attainable Monster family, the versatile Multistrada and the truly ridiculous Desmosedici are some of the most sought after in the industry.

Ducati’s motorcycle lineup is wide-ranging and includes the Panigale V4 superbike, the Diavel and xDiavel sports cruisers, the Multistrada family of sport touring motorcycles, the Hypermotard, and of course, the venerable Monster family of naked street bikes. New additions to the family include the sport-touring oriented Supersport and the reimagined Streetfighter V4 naked motorcycle. Ducati is even branching into the scrambler market with its sub-brand, Scrambler Ducati.

The 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 S, seen here, represents the pinnacle of Ducati production superbike technology and engineering. Powered by a 1103cc V4, its supporting cast includes Öhlins electronic suspension and Brembo Stylema calipers. One of the most advanced electronic rider aids suite helps the rider lap faster, longer, and the winglets at the front are derived from MotoGP to provide up to 37 kg of downforce at 300 kph.

Whatever you do, don’t call it an Indiana – Ducati’s first attempt at a cruiser-inspired motorcycle. The Diavel and xDiavel represent a performance company’s take on cruiser-dom. Powered by a 1262cc V-Twin, the Diavel is a torque machine. Surprisingly, or maybe not considering it’s a Ducati, the Diavel lineup can carve up a twisty road better than it has any right to. Though it clearly has the laid-back cruiser-ish design ethos, once you ride it, there’s no mistaking this is still a performance-oriented machine.

As far as Ducatis go, when you absolutely, positively, gotta get there as fast as possible, as comfortable as possible, and with space for luggage, the Multistrada 1260 is the motorcycle of choice. A 1262cc V-Twin with DVT (Ducati Variable valve Timing) produces a broad spread of power, easily able to propel the Multi forward. Available in a smaller 937cc version, there’s a Multistrada model for a variety of riders

When you have total disregard for your driver’s license, the Ducati Hypermotard is the bike that’ll promote hooligan activities and likely get your license taken away in the process. The 937cc V-Twin is a riot, while the long-travel suspension and narrow dimensions make it hard not to want to wheelie and jump curbs.

One of Ducati’s most iconic models, the Monster is still alive and well in Ducat’s family. What made the Monster special was its minimalist body paneling combined with its gutsy engine. Available in three different versions: 797, 821, and 1200, there’s sure to be a power level suitable for any rider.

Ducati’s sub-brand, Scrambler Ducati, is all about breaking down motorcycling to its most elemental forms. That’s why not much attention is paid to the 821 or 1100 cc V-Twins powering the bike. Instead, the neutral riding position and basic appearance invite all comers to customize their scrambler and make it their own.

Channeling the Ducati ST4 of the past, the latest Ducati Supersport is powered by a 937cc V-Twin and has a slightly sporty disposition, but can handle a multi-day sport-touring ride.

2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4

The long-awaited Ducati Streetfighter brings back the Streetfighter name but reimagines the concept for 2020. A Panigale V4 stripped of its bodywork, the Streetfighter promises superbike levels of performance for the street. It’ll be a thrill ride, to say the least.

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