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Updated March 2021

Zero Motorcyles is a California-based manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Though the first Zero prototypes were produced in 2006, Zero is already one of the leaders of the electric motorcycle segment. Zero got its start in the off-road world with the Zero X dirt bike and has quickly expanded its lineup to include a variety of dual-purpose electric motorcycles like the Zero DS and Zero FX.

The introduction of the Zero SR ushered in the first “performance” Zero, as it pumped out over 100 lb-ft of torque – more than even the Suzuki Hayabusa. Due to its longevity in the field of electric motorcycles, Zero is considered one of the leaders in pushing electric motorcycle technology forward. As a result we’ve seen battery capacities and range increase, while prices have come down.

Despite its breakthroughs, Zero has been criticized for putting technology first and styling a distant second. That changed with the introduction of the SR/F – the first all-new platform for Zero since 2013, and the first time industrial designers were involved with the project from the beginning.

Delivering 140 lb-ft of torque and 110 hp, the SR/F – and its fully-faired SR/S stablemate – carry a 14.4kWh lithium-ion battery that feed the company’s new ZF75-10 motor. Compared to Zero’s previous models… well, there’s really no comparison. The SR/F and SR/S are head and shoulders above in so many ways. Wearing excellent tires from Pirelli, competent suspension from Showa, and strong brakes from J.Juan, the SR/F and SR/S come packed with components you’re familiar with on any other bike. Add in the advanced interconnectivity and control you get with the integrated app and Bosch stability controls, and you have two future-forward models that come packed with technology.

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