After being available since 2016 in Europe, the Yamaha XSR700 is finally making its way to the U.S. and Canada. This new XSR uses the platform of the well-loved FZ-07 to create a retro-vibed roadster that slots into Yamaha’s Sport Heritage line.

Key elements that transform the FZ into XSR are the new aluminum fuel tank, vintage-inspired headlight and tail lamp, and a new subframe to support the new vintage-style seat. Classy aluminum components provide bracketry for the front fender and radiator cover. Yamaha says the XSR makes for a good platform for customization thanks to removable tank panels and the removable steel subframe.

Yamaha says the XS650 from the 1970s inspired its designers to draw up the XSR700.

Remaining unchanged is the FZ-07’s 689cc inline-Twin with 270-degree crank and all the other mechanical bits, including its LCD instrumentation. The XSR includes ABS in its $8,499 MSRP. That’s a $1,000 premium over the ABS-equipped 2017 FZ-07. It’s scheduled to hit dealers in October and will be available in Matte Gray/Aluminum or the Raspberry Metallic seen here.

Check out our coverage of the 2018 Yamaha XSR700 from AIMExpo.

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    I would have bought one of these a year and a half ago. No regrets.

  • SteveSweetz

    Finally, but what jerk screwed up the colors on the NA model?

    Here’s the European red/white:

    Black radiator and white fender that matches the tank stripes – as it should be. Silver radiator and especially the silver fender on the NA model looks like crap. And still with the world’s worst turn signals. Honda and Kawasaki are both keeping the Euro-style clear lens signals on their NA market bikes now Yamaha, why do we still have to suffer those pumpkins?

    Still, I’m glad we finally get this bike, aesthetically compromised though it may be.

  • Old MOron
    • Larry Kahn

      My first street bike, and yeah they were goood loookin!

      • David Kraft

        I like the idea of this bike but the engine visually is a big eye sore. It is way too busy. I wouldn’t consider based on how the engine looks regardless of the performance.


      i know what you mean! this bike is supposed to fill the same niche i think

    • Douglas

      Yep, that is one good-lookin’ scoot…..ala Bonneville (IMHO the best ever). Bikes are finally gettin’ practical again…..flat(er) seats, decent riding position, no expensive bodywork w/gaudy graphics, cast wheels…..good.

  • Sentinel

    That black chunk of plastic under the front part of the fuel tank absolutely kills the looks and makes it look like really ugly. That really messed up what could have been a pretty nice looking bike. Had they given it a normally and standard shaped tank and area below it in the front, it would have been a real beauty, but that thing has been ruined by what they’ve done to it there.

  • schizuki

    Styling disaster. The bike’s structure works against a retro design.

    • SteveSweetz

      Personally I love the thing, but not in these colors.

      Green one does it for me.

      • sgray44444

        seriously. why draw attention to a radiator?

        • hipsabad

          yeah, and what’s with that crap between the rad n the tank? why not just give the tank a horizontal line along the bottom and cover that shizz. that photo above w the XS650 just made the aesthetic pain worse


        same for me only olive drab w/no trim,everything blacked out

  • faztang

    Fix the typo on the MSRP. Few grand more than $5,549

    • Kevin Duke

      Got it, thanks!

  • Starmag

    I appreciate the effort by Yamaha at making this more attractive and less buggy, but besides the tank and seat it’s really busy/Borgish below that. Despite the offer of candy, I refuse to be assimilated.

    • sgray44444

      Well said. Looks like somebody wrecked a sportbike and tried to make it into a retro bike.

    • john burns

      a big box of See’s assorted chocolates?

  • movado

    I think Yamaha did a great job with this release. This was the motorcycle everyone was waiting for. Retro-inspired while keeping certain aspects fresh and modern. Great blend of old and new; I’d definitely buy it! Plus the choice of colors is much better than the XSR-900’s offering.

    • Old MOron

      Post a picture of your new bike with your boot by the front wheel 🙂

  • lennon2017

    Within that $1k premium, Yamaha couldn’t have found another type or at least shape of front turn signals? Weirdos. Yard-built! Find another yard! A yard of more options, thingamajigs!

  • SRMark

    Looks like crap between the tank and pegs.

    • David Kraft

      You can say that again. But people will likely buy it.

  • Mark D

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Daniel Benjamin

    Not overly pretty, but certainly less awkward than the XSR900. Once again, the FZ-07 (at least in my book) beats its older sibling!

  • Kenneth

    I see nothing beautiful or classic or even retro in this biked – except for the round headlight – while I see all of those things in the XS650 in the background. This only makes me appreciate, once again, the care Triumph took in designing the uncluttered-looking Street Twin.

    • c w

      I see nothing classic about THAT round headlight.

      I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t use a more fitting (to the lines of this bike) and still classic (80s, yo!) rectangular light.

  • Steve C

    Doesn’t do it for me, just a mess under the tank,though I like the flat seat. I had a 77 XS650D, really a great looking bike which they didn’t capture with this. The FZ7 is on my short list for next bike.

  • KevinM044

    Well, it’s about time. Why even keep making those hideous FZs?? Too bad it costs a grand more to get a motorcycle that actually looks like one… Why isn’t it priced more around the SV650?

  • Eric

    This is great news! While I agree with most of the comments, I’m absolutely in love with the one done by JvB moto, which makes it much better looking.


    i’ve been anticipating they would do this

  • Matt Howerton

    Tempting and I like it, but it’s expensive for what it is and I’d rather shell out the extra money for the 900. Wish they could clean up the looks of the engine and engine bay as well, but I bet it’s a fun little bike.


    i really hate to say this,because i like the bike,but for $1,000 less the FZ07 is the better deal(if you can get one at last year’s price!)

    • john burns

      also way better looking

  • Dean Hewitt

    Start with, we got the bike, finally…. Critiques will give them something to think about, but here is a middle weight bike that is a great standard. Sometimes “in person review” makes it pop.

  • Patriot159

    Give us the T7 already!!

  • WPZ

    “Yamaha says the XS650 from the 1970s inspired its designers to draw up the XSR700.”
    Is that why it doesn’t even remotely resemble the XS?
    A foot of air under the rear fender. A muffler that looks like a soup can that got run over and stuck. Passenger footpegs no one over 44″ tall could use for more than five minutes.
    No matter how great the performance, and I’m sure it’s fabulous, it’s still 2009 in practicality.

  • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

    I bet it’s a great bike..just like the FZ07. But it sure isn’t attractive to my eye. Neither is the FZ07 but performance is more important to me in a Sports Bike. Something being sold as more of a Cruiser and certainly something that is supposed to be customizeable ought to be more attractive to start. I appreciate the aluminum tank to keep things from getting top heavy…but alas, don’t find that very attractive either. But the ARE building nice machines mechanically speaking. Agree with some others here; see HD or Triumph for a what a retro-standard ought to look like.

  • Don Orton

    Its an FZ-07 with different clothes – but c’mon! – those styling cues were so far off the reservation that nobody would mistake it for an XS650 using 50/50 criteria, even in the correct colors.

    If I could sidebar with Mr. Yamaha’s styling department (are you still using GK?) – Let’s start with the headlight, a disaster of shape and proportion. Dudes, you HAVE a proper headlight in the bin! Look at your parts fiches from 1982 and look at that honkin’ EIGHT-INCH DIAMETER headlight that adorns the 650 Seca and the XV920RH! Update it with some modern candlepower and install. Makes a mondo retro statement on approach, and looks better. If you don’t have any, I have two you can borrow for mock-up.

    Also, make wire wheels an option. Shoulderless Akronts in modern sizes? Sign. Me. Up.

    Since most of the muffles are done in that bread box under the engine, why not hang a vestigial reverse-cone megaphone out on both sides, in an attractive up-swoop, like a Norton Commando? Not exactly XS-like, but better than that soda can you have on there now.

    Side Panels need to be the main body color. Painting them black just means you’re trying to hide them or something underneath them. It doesn’t work on fat women, either. Stylize them and give ’em some proper placement more under the seat than not. The proportions on the current ones are not right, and they’re not in the right place.

    I could go on an on about the styling, but interest of brevity, I will not. Let’s just say I don’t like it, but you’ll probably sell out all you bring stateside to hipsters with open-face helmets and lineman gloves who could give two shits about what us boomers think of the lack of retro in the retro bike.

  • therr850

    I like it but I not buying one. Don’t have the money. One complaint, the aluminum tank cover. My magnetic tank bag or magnetic map pouch won’t stick AND why cover the tank? Make the tank full size for a little more capacity.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    It’s ‘retro’ only in a steam-punk sort of way, and although that style is not my thing I find myself liking this anyway. Its better to look at in my opinion than the FZ-07, but is it $1000 better?

  • c w

    Perhaps someone could send Yam a photo of a CB1100…

    Or are the aesthetics limited by the platform?