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Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

The best motorcycling has to offer in 2019

If there’s one thing that motorcyclists look forward to almost as much as the beginning of riding season, it has to be new model season – when all of next year’s updates are announced. It’s a bench-racer’s heaven. However, in a longstanding MO tradition, we like to pause before the rush of the new to look back at what the previous year offered the world of motorcycling.

Spread out over the next two and a half weeks, we’ll reveal our MO Best Ofs (MOBOs) and the runner-ups, culminating with the Motorcycle of the Year. During that time, you’ll see some old favorites making the scene – and no less than 13 newcomers to the list. With all the great bikes being released, these are truly great times to be a motorcyclist. Best Of 2018 Best Of 2017 Best Of 2016

This year we saw continued growth in the Adventure Touring segment with several models of different sizes being released. The same can be said of the Lightweight/Entry Level class. We also decided to add the Play Bikes category to our awards to acknowledge the new prominence of these ultra-lightweight fun machines.

Whittling down the list of quality motorcycles to the final list of winners is never easy, and this year, we were still haggling over the order of some awards until the night before we were scheduled to start publishing the winners. The opinions were that strong. When the dust settled, though, we’re pretty sure that we’ve made selections reflect the best that model year 2019 had to offer motorcycling.

We’ll begin today with the MOBO with our choice for Best Scooter and follow on Thursday with the Best Play Bikes. Every weekday thereafter, we’ll unveil a new winner plus the runner-up. The celebration will come to a conclusion on September 20th with the announcement of the 2019 Motorcycle of the Year.

Grab your riding gear. The show is about to begin. Best of 2019 Categories

Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

Like most of the best happenings in his life, Evans stumbled into his motojournalism career. While on his way to a planned life in academia, he applied for a job at a motorcycle magazine, thinking he’d get the opportunity to write some freelance articles. Instead, he was offered a full-time job in which he discovered he could actually get paid to ride other people’s motorcycles – and he’s never looked back. Over the 25 years he’s been in the motorcycle industry, Evans has written two books, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects and How to Modify Your Metric Cruiser, and has ridden just about every production motorcycle manufactured. Evans has a deep love of motorcycles and believes they are a force for good in the world.

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