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Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

Selecting the superlative in motorcycles: MOBO Awards

With August just around the corner, we’re cutting to the apex as we prepare to launch our annual selections for what are the best in motorcycling. MO’s Best Of awards, or MOBOs, begin unveiling the first of August, which is typically the closest the moto industry gets to a bit of a lull period in new motorcycle product launches. Best Of 2016

The previous 12 months saw the introduction of dozens of new and updated models as manufacturers look for ways to appeal to younger riders while maintaining relevance to the Boomers and Gen-Xers who continue to underpin the motorcycle industry. OEMs delivered most everything a consumer could imagine, from sub-400cc gems to the best sportbikes the world has ever seen, plus a passel of intriguing offerings in the cruiser, adventure, standard and retro markets.

As always, we begin the MOBOs with our choice for Best Product, which is followed the next day by Best Technology. After that begins the rollout of the motorcycles that have become our favorites in 12 categories that encompass what’s available in the moto world, including both a winner and an honorable mention. Each weekday will see the unveiling of a new category and its two leading players, culminating in the crowning of our 2017 Motorcycle of the Year award on August 21.

It’s been entertaining to watch as new bikes get announced and then ridden, leaving us to dissect and distill the crop into its superlative elements. Come along for the ride as we share our favorites!

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