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Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Be honest, now

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which makes it as good a time as any for all of us to take stock of our own riding habits, both good and bad.

Most motorcyclists are familiar with the acronym “ATGATT”, but for those who aren’t, it stands for “All The Gear, All The Time”. That means wearing the right safety equipment every time you ride, whether you’re commuting to work, or hopping over to the corner store for a carton of milk.

Here at MO, we’re big proponents of always being equipped with proper safety gear, often going a step beyond the average rider with additional gear such as airbag vests. That’s one of the reasons we point out what we’re wearing with every review. As a part of the motorcycling industry itself, it’s important that we set a good example.

But we’re also realistic in acknowledging that not everyone will do the same, at least, not all the time. Maybe you don’t want to spend your day at work in armored jeans, or want to bring an extra change of clothes. Maybe you don’t feel like taking longer to get dressed than it takes riding to the CVS. Others just don’t want to do it, ever. No amount of preaching from us, or anyone else, will convince everyone to get fully geared up every time.

So, no judgments here (though we can’t promise the same from the comment section). We want you to be honest. For our Question of the Day: do you wear all the gear, all the time?

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

Dennis has been a part of the team since 2008, and through his tenure, has developed a firm grasp of industry trends, and a solid sense of what's to come. A bloodhound when it comes to tracking information on new motorcycles, if there's a new model on the horizon, you'll probably hear about it from him first.

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  • Alec Alec 4 days ago

    When riding 2 wheels my answer would be a resounding yes!

    I recently purchased a Ural sidecar rig. Now it's a matter of weather and ride conditions. Helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots, definitely. I will also mention that my choice of boot has changed. Before it was always my Alpinstars adventure boots.

    Due to lingering nephropathy in my feet from chemo treatments, the thinner soul of a cowboy boot gives me better feel or sensitivity on the shifter and break pedal.

    Long trips that I cannot avoid freeways, it is always. Come winter, I will be in full gear, even for a short ride - something about liking to be warm.

  • Mike buhler Mike buhler 2 hours ago

    I do most of the time but certainly not all of time. There are days around town where I'm ok with the risk. Eye protection and gloves are 2 things I will never ride anything 2 wheeled without.