- A Motorcycle Rider's Best Investment.

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fastersafer com a motorcycle rider s best investment
fastersafer com a motorcycle rider s best investment

When it comes to improving the performance of a motorcycle’s weakest link, Nick Ienatsch and Ken Hill have taken on an enormous task. You see, this link is always changing and never constant, but can be molded and improved. It’s not a motorcycle at all. In fact, it’s you, the rider. Their new website,, brings proven, championship-winning riding techniques to anyone with a desire to ride a motorcycle better and the ability to operate a computer or smart phone.

“Bikes are getting better every year, tires are improving every month…yet we’re still crashing,” says Ienatsch. “It’s not the bike, it’s us…the on-board engineers. is devoted to improving motorcycle control, whether on the track or street…and a big part of this site will be the mental approach and attitude needed in this sport. We continue to spend time and money on our bikes, but not enough on the component that makes the biggest difference: us!” is called a motorcycle rider’s best investment because of the old saying, “Crashing Sucks!” And it’s expensive. Painful. Embarrassing. Career Ending. Life-threatening. Getting the picture? Yet the best riders in the world, the riders winning championships, crash the least while going the fastest. Why? How? That’s what explains and illustrates in a constantly-updated and exciting format.

Hill jumps in. “Nick and I taught at the Freddie Spencer Riding School and we now lead the Yamaha Champions Riding School, and our students have always asked us to start a website like There is so much misinformation in this sport, techniques passed down from Uncle Bob…and those techniques don’t work when the pace is up or the grip is down.”

Hill and Ienatsch have taken advantage of their backgrounds in publishing, teaching and racing to create Street riding tips, track-day techniques, fitness information, in-the-shop how-tos, tests on the latest parts and pieces…all this and more will be constantly updated for members of Think of it as a constantly-evolving riding technique magazine…in motion.

Membership for the site “is only $7.99 per month because we need to reach riders of every level,” admits Ienatsch. “There are true and measurable reasons good riders are good. We will show you those reasons.”

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