Michelin Introduces Three New Road Tires For The Street And Track

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Power 6, Power GP 2, and Anakee Road highlight Michelin's new tires for 2024

Michelin has introduced three new motorcycle products at the EICMA trade show in Milan. These upcoming tires, scheduled for release in January 2024, will be targeted at road riders who like to enjoy various aspects of road riding.

Boasting over 130 years of expertise in 2-wheel tire development, Michelin's legacy began with the creation of their first tire designed for a bicycle. With a notable track record of over 500 victories in the FIM World Championships, Michelin is recognized for its extensive and distinctive knowledge in the field. Over the past five decades, Michelin has consistently driven innovation, introducing a range of tire types, including slick tires, radial tires, and asymmetrical tires.

Recent years have seen Michelin's Power and Anakee ranges gaining approval from premium motorcycle manufacturers such as BMW Motorrad, Triumph, KTM, Honda, and others.

Michelin Power 6: The Everyday Tire Combining Fun and Sportiness

Among the new offerings is the Michelin Power 6 tire, designed for sports motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance and enjoyment. Positioned as a reference for future Michelin sport segment launches, this tire prioritizes mileage for daily and long-distance riders. With excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, coupled with impressive handling and sportiness, the Power 6 is suitable for motorcycles over 300cc and has already received homologation for the 2024 KTM 390 Duke.

Michelin Power GP 2: The Master of Racetracks is Homologated for the Road

The Michelin Power GP 2 is targeted at track enthusiasts and homologated for road use. This 50/50 track/street tire represents an evolution of the previous Michelin Power GP tire. Delivering enhanced grip on both wet and dry surfaces, it elevates the track experience, particularly for experienced riders looking to push their limits. Drawing from the development tools used for MotoGP tires and benefiting from Michelin's extensive experience in the FIM World Championship, the Power GP 2 is poised to set a new standard in its category.

Michelin Anakee Road: The Michelin Road Performance, with a Specific Adventure Look

Completing the trio is the Michelin Anakee Road, designed to cater to the needs of adventure touring motorcycles used for extended road trips and everyday commuting. Serving as a complement to the Anakee range, which includes patterns for more aggressive off-road use, the Anakee Road emphasizes Michelin's commitment to road performance. Boasting high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions, along with a long service life and stability, this tire is tailored for motorcyclists who prefer pavement. Its design aligns seamlessly with the evolving style of these versatile bikes, offering a harmonious balance of aesthetics and performance.

Edouard De Peufeilhoux, Director of Michelin's 2-Wheels Business Line:

“Innovation is at the heart of Michelin’s strategy. We invest in the evolution of our motorcycle tire ranges in order to always be the reference in the field for both riders and OEMs. After challenging market conditions in 2023, we have a strong conviction that motorcyclists are eager to return to the road and track. We have worked closely with motorcycle manufacturers to ensure that Michelin tires, thanks to their performance, contribute to the riding pleasure of every rider and meet the specificities of the new motorcycle models presented at the EICMA show. As a result, we are immensely proud of the development team that has designed these three new products unveiled at the end of the year. Many new tires for different market segments will be unveiled during 2024, all around the world: Michelin Power 6, Power GP 2 and Anakee Road are just the beginning of the Michelin’s technical revolution!”

The new Michelin tires will be available to retailers through North American authorized distributors starting January 1, 2024.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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