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Cardo's latest wireless PACKTALK PRO brings an innovative crash detection system that could save your life.

Cardo Systems, a leading provider of wireless communication systems for motorcycle and powersports riders, has just introduced the PACKTALK PRO.

The new device features an innovative Crash Detection System that utilizes a three-part system. The sensors within the unit detect impacts to the head, which helps to save critical response time in emergencies. The Cardo Connect App integrates phone parameters and communicates with the Cardo cloud, which then alerts the user's emergency contact, offering a responsive crash detection solution tailored for motorcycle riders.

Cardo has conducted numerous crash test trials and extensive field data collection from riders worldwide. The Crash Detection System employs a continuous learning algorithm, benefiting from the data provided by thousands of Cardo riders globally, contributing to its ongoing improvement.

The PACKTALK PRO comes with a three year warranty

The PACKTALK PRO is equipped with 45mm JBL speakers and an advanced sound processor, delivering high-quality audio whether listening to music or communicating with other riders. The device features a matte black finish and includes an automatic power function, which turns the unit on or off depending on movement, optimizing battery life.

For the past two decades, Cardo Systems has focused on improving the riding experience with meaningful innovations. The PACKTALK PRO retains the features associated with Cardo's leading lineup of communicators, such as Waterproof IP67, Bluetooth 5.2, over-the-air software updates, fast charging, USB type-C, built-in FM radio, universal Bluetooth intercom, and a three-year warranty.

The PACKTALK PRO will be available from mid-June with an MSRP of $459 through retailers or for direct order from the Cardo website.

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