Cristian Sosa Builds Retro Custom Ryvid Anthem Electric Staff
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Ryvid, the California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has partnered with custom bike builder Cristian Sosa of Sosa Metalworks in Las Vegas to create a retro-inspired custom version of the Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle.

Known for his traditional metal fabrication skills, this project marks Cristian’s first foray into electric motorcycles. The result is a strikingly designed bike that retains the Anthem’s signature height-adjustable seat and removable battery.

Cristian Sosa, who co-founded Sosa Metalworks with his brother Roberto in 2012, specializes in creating one-off metal pieces for custom projects, particularly motorcycles. He gained prominence as the lead metal fabricator on Discovery Channel's Counting Cars series. His collaboration with Ryvid began at the One Motorcycle Show in 2023, where he met Ryvid founder Dong Tran and was introduced to the Anthem's steel frame design.

Cristian's approach to the Anthem involved envisioning how a classic machine would look in the future. Unlike his usual curved designs, he had to focus on the Anthem’s folded steel frame and removable battery pack, leading to the use of sharper, straighter lines. He chose aluminum for the build due to its lighter weight and easier shaping properties, though it required welding on both sides.

Incorporating a fast-cut CNC table into the design and build process for the first time, Cristian shaped the cut parts by hand using power hammers. The entire build, including the design process, took about three weeks. Cristian created a design buck to develop templates before replicating the parts in aluminum.

The custom Ryvid Anthem features a removable 4.3kWh battery with an integrated charger powering a 72V air-cooled, brushless DC motor. Cristian preserved the bike's functionality, ensuring the height-adjustable seat remained operational and the side panels allowed access to the battery’s latch system for remote charging.

Cristian’s meticulous craftsmanship resulted in a bike that blends classic aesthetics with a modern, aggressive look. The collaboration showcases the versatility of the Ryvid Anthem and highlights Cristian Sosa’s exceptional talent in custom metal fabrication.

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  • Tech Tech on Jul 01, 2024

    Looks like a bike I can sit on for 600+ miles a day (roll eyes).

  • Marco Mazzoni Marco Mazzoni on Jul 01, 2024

    It seems ovbious that none of these designers have a friend they want to take riding with them due to an extreme lack of passenger accommodations.