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For a couple of decades now, the Suzuki SV650 has been a fixture in Twins racing classes, but for 2024, Suzuki's newest two-cylinder sportbike has been homologated for the MotoAmerica Twins Cup. The fully faired GSX-8R will be eligible for the 2024 Twins Cup, as is its naked sibling, the GSX-8S.

Engine and Design: The Heart of the GSX-8R and GSX-8S

At the core of the GSX-8R and GSX-8S lies an innovative 776cc parallel-twin engine. This engine is designed to offer a blend of torque and a broad powerband, catering to the competitive demands of the Twins Cup Championship. Kerry Graeber, Senior Vice President at Suzuki Motor USA, emphasized the motorcycle's suitability for both dealers and riders, particularly those competing in the Twins Cup.

The GSX-8R: A Complement to Suzuki’s Supersport Line

Suzuki reassures its commitment to the GSX-R line, which includes the GSX-R1000/R, GSX-R750, and GSX-R600. These models continue to be eligible for various MotoAmerica classes, including Superbike, Stock 1000, and Supersport. The GSX-8R, along with its sibling, the GSX-8S, is designed to offer a distinct riding experience compared to the high-revving inline-four engines, focusing on the unique feel and performance of a twin.

The GSX-8S: A Sleek Counterpart to the GSX-8R

Suzuki expands its racing lineup with the GSX-8S, a sleek and unfaired counterpart to the GSX-8R, also approved for competition in the Twins Cup series. This strategic addition to Suzuki's portfolio enhances its involvement in racing at both the amateur and professional levels, offering a diverse range of options for riders and teams.

Suzuki’s Legacy and Expectations in Twins Cup Racing

Suzuki has a storied history in Twins Cup road racing, with its iconic SV650 V-Twin motorcycle clinching the inaugural Twins Cup championship in 2018 and maintaining dominance for several years. The company anticipates that the new GSX-8R platform will be a formidable competitor in the Twins Cup, providing racers and teams with a solid foundation for their racing programs.

The 2024 Twins Cup Series Launch

The excitement begins at the Daytona International Speedway, marking the start of the 2024 Twins Cup series and the broader MotoAmerica road racing championship from March 7 to March 9, 2024.

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