Where in the World: Testing the Ducati DesertX Rally in Morocco

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

A behind the scenes look as we head to Ducati’s latest press launch in Africa

Ducati found it fitting to have the global press launch of its latest up-spec adventure bike in the north African country of Morocco – an amazing place to ride motorcycles, based on my previous experience. While riding impressions are embargoed for at least a few days, I wanted to take our readers along on a sort of “behind the scenes” journey to get a taste of the sights and adventures experienced abroad.

Once we arrived in Morocco, we checked in at a Ducati counter flanked by an accessorized Ducati DesertX Rally and Antoine Meo’s Erzberg-challenging prototype. After heading to dinner we encouraged a couple of taxi drivers to race each other back to the hotel as we split the group in two. Encouraging our driver with the possibility of a “race win” bonus, he stuck it out to the end and while our competitors pulled in the hotel’s long drive first, I reminded him the race wasn’t over. In a last ditch move, our driver peeled into the hotel’s roundabout the wrong way and clenched the win, getting us to the door just tenths faster, risking the head-on collision to do so. We were now in the “Rally” mindset.

Our prologue-winning ride.

Thankfully, after 24 hours or so of traveling, we had the chance to acclimate, so we spent this time perusing the Jemaa el-Fnaa souk in the heart of the city. Later we would attend the product briefing to learn everything we could about the new DesertX Rally and why Ducati found it fitting to “sec-up” this model.

Over the next few days I’ll have the chance to test the bike and breath in the spirit of Morocco – and no doubt a lot of dust – as we traverse the landscape outside Marrakech. We’re planning to camp in the desert and ride the bike for two days in what we’re told is an 80/20 split between off-road and on. I’ll update this post with a few images and captions as the press event moves forward. I hope you enjoy getting this behind the scenes look, and I would encourage you to follow our social channels on Instagram and Facebook to see this, as well as other content, as it happens.  

Test rides are serious business. Hence the orange vests… and stern demeanor.
Jetlag, lots of fun and food… they all add up. We rest when we can.
Thankfully the Moroccan tea can bring one back to life after an exhilarating ride.

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Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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  • Keith Keith on Jan 23, 2024

    Looks like a blast. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the bike.