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Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

Our roundup of the best things in motorcycling ready to launch!

The staff here at MO has much in common with you. As motorcycle enthusiasts of the first order, we’re endlessly intrigued by all the new developments in the two-wheeled world. And now it’s time again for our annual rollout of what we believe is the best in motorcycling.

Best Motorcycles of 2015

As usual, our Best Of awards, or MOBOs, are announced each August, so our first category will be revealed this Monday, August 1. Not coincidentally, that’s the cutoff date we use for motorcycles to be included in our balloting – if a bike isn’t yet available at dealers and for testing on home soil before August, it fails to meet the cut for the current year’s MOBO voting. We chose this timeframe because there is usually a bit of a lull in new-bike introductions during the summer.

Each of our 15 categories includes a winner and an honorable mention, so we’ve got no less than 30 honorees to award. You’ll see our Best Product on Monday, followed by our selection for Best Technology. From Wednesday on it’ll be all motorbikes, beginning with the Best Electric category, then Best Scooter and our newest classification, Best Lightweight/Entry-Level, that we first included last year.

A new category winner will be revealed each day, even through the weekends, until we reach the climax of our Motorcycle of the Year award that will be posted on Monday, August 15. Stay tuned with us daily as we call out the best and brightest of motorcycling in 2016! Best of 2016 Categories

MOBOs Through the years:

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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