Ducati Praises An Icon With The Panigale V4 SP2 30° Anniversario 916

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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The Borgo Panigale manufacturer pays homage to the legendary 916 with a special model

ducati praises an icon with the panigale v4 sp2 30 anniversario 916

At EICMA 2023, Ducati celebrated the 30th birthday of its iconic 916 in the only way Ducati knows how – with a limited edition model. Say hello to the Panigale V4 SP2 30° Anniversario 916. Only 500 of these will be made, with each receiving a numbered plate on the triple clamp.

As you can guess by the name, it's based on the Panigale V4 SP2, already a stout performer in its own right, and reimagined even further to suit the occasion. To see the 916 DNA on this special edition we start with the livery itself. Created by Centro Stile Ducati, Ducati's own in-house design center, the livery is heavily inspired by the championship-winning World Superbike Carl Fogarty rode in 1999. There's the iconic tricolor, white number plate, and number 1 right on the front, slightly reimagined with a modern twist. The black portions of the upper half cowl are a throwback to the air ducts of the 916, while the laurel logo on the tank cover is the same gold color used on the 916. Sprawled along the side of the fairing, intricately incorporated within the cut-outs of the fairing ducts, is the number 916 in silver with a gold outline – just like the original but again, reimagined with a modern twist to create a 3D-like effect.

ducati praises an icon with the panigale v4 sp2 30 anniversario 916

In true race bike fashion, the 30th-anniversary edition will only come as a single-seater, and in addition to the billet aluminum steering plate with laser engraving of the number, the Panigale Trentesimo Anniversario 916 comes with a certificate of authenticity and a dedicated bike cover.

As for the technical components of this limited-edition Panigale, Ducati started with the base SP2 but has added a billet aluminum fuel cap, front brake air ducts, exhaust heat shields, double-profile front wings, and a carbon fiber front fender.

Speaking of carbon fiber, the five-spoke wheels are also carbon pieces and shave an impressive 3 lbs from the forged Marchesinis of the V4 S and an even more impressive 7.5 lbs from the standard Panigale V4. That's a massive difference, responsible for a reduction in inertial momentum of 26% at the front and 46% in the rear. You'll feel that difference in every aspect of performance, from acceleration to braking to cornering.

ducati praises an icon with the panigale v4 sp2 30 anniversario 916

Braking components are provided by none other than Brembo, with Stylema R calipers, the aforementioned cooling ducts, and an MCS master cylinder with remote adjuster.

In typical Ducati fashion, there's an STM EVO dry clutch for more direct power transfer and that quintessential sound people have come to expect from a Ducati super sport. There's also an optional open clutch cover, ideal for track use, that will allow you to see the clutch spinning in addition to hearing it.

ducati praises an icon with the panigale v4 sp2 30 anniversario 916

Moving further down, adjustable billet aluminum footpegs allow the rider to change their positioning for optimum comfort, and also allow the use of Ducati's Quick Shift Up&Down feature, which can be configured in the standard shift pattern or reversed for a racing pattern. Finally, Ducati's Data Analyser+ data acquisition system allows you to track your performance to help you go faster.

With such a track focus in mind, the Panigale V4 30th Anniversary 916 will be delivered with a track-ready kit. This includes billet aluminum caps for removing the rear view mirrors, a license plate bracket removal kit, the open clutch cover mentioned before, as well as the Ducati Data+ data acquisition system.

ducati praises an icon with the panigale v4 sp2 30 anniversario 916

The new Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916 will be available in Ducati dealerships starting from March 2024. US pricing is set at $45,995. In Canada, pricing is set at $53,995.

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