2024 Honda CBR650R and CB650R – First Look

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Electronic clutch tech debuts on updated 650s

Honda has updated its CB650R and CBR650R, giving the middleweights new styling, a TFT display, and, in an industry first, an optional electronic clutch.

The E-Clutch combines the benefits of a quick shifter and Honda’s own dual clutch transmission system, allowing for both up and down shifts without needing to use the clutch lever, including from when pulling away or coming to a complete stop. The system is active upon ignition, and essentially eliminates the possibility of stalling. Unlike Honda’s DCT models, the CB650R and CBR650R still have clutch levers allowing for manual operation.

Besides the E-Clutch, the 650s are mechanically similar to the previous models. The engine is unchanged, with a claimed peak output of 93.9 hp and 46.5 lb-ft., which speaks to how easily the E-clutch can be grafted onto an existing powertrain.

The suspension is also unchanged, with a Showa 41mm Separate Function Big Piston inverted fork and a preload-adjustable rear shock. Likewise, the braking system is similar to the 2023 spec, with dual radial-mount four-piston calipers with 310mm discs up front and a single piston caliper with a 240mm rear disc.

The 5-inch TFT adds a modern technological touch, which may seem a bit odd with the CB650R’s retro vibe, but it does open up smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation.

There is no word of U.S. availability yet, but we expect an announcement from American Honda soon.

2024 Honda CBR650R

The CBR650R receives a new fairing and headlight, plus new seats and a sharper-looking tail. It will be available in two color options: Grand Prix Red Tricolour and Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic.

2024 Honda CB650R

The CB650R receives a similarly updated tail as the faired model, as well as a new radiator shroud and a reshaped headlight. The bronze highlights on the engine and wheels return, as do the elegantly cascading header pipes.

The 2024 Honda CB650R will come in four color options: Matt Laurel Green Metallic with Matt Vulcan Silver Metallic details, Pearl Smokey Gray, with Matt Crypton Silver Metallic details, Candy Chromosphere Red with Matt Crypton Silver Metallic details, or Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic with Matt Crypton Silver Metallic details.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • NEIL NEIL on Nov 30, 2023

    My sympathies Greg, I hope that your condition improves soon. I had a similar issue , through injury, to my right hand but luckily I managed to get the strength back.

    You are of course correct that technology does have a place, especially as we get older. However I do fear that with the advance of technology come a risk of de-skilling the job of riding a motorcycle along with the attendant potential for more to go wrong with the bike.

    Any way I wish you all the best for the future and thank you for replying to my comment. Neil

  • Harsh Harsh on Mar 09, 2024

    Where can you buy 2024 CBR 650R in the US ?