2024 Honda CBR600RR Returns To The US…The Old One, Not The New One

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

CBRs headline list of returning 2024 models

We’re disappointed, but we can’t say we’re entirely surprised to report that the last-generation CBR600RR is returning to the U.S. for the 2024 model year, while the rest of the world gets the updated version announced at EICMA. The older CBR600RR model was one of several returning models confirmed today by American Honda, including the CBR1000RR, but not the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP which was also updated for 2024 for other markets.

It's kind of ironic, if you think about it. American Honda continued to sell the previous model during the last few years while it had been absent in markets like Europe. Now that a new CBR600RR with aerodynamic winglets and a six-axis IMU returns in other markets, the U.S. will continue to get the older version.

While it’s still possible the CBR1000RR-R SP and next-gen CBR600RR might still be coming over eventually, there’s nothing to indicate that will happen for the 2024 model year. Right now, all we know is that last year's models are coming back, and in the same colors to boot.

What we are getting alongside the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR, are the CB1000R, SCL500, CRF300L, CRF300L Rally, XR650L, XR150L, Trail125, PCX scooter and the Montesa COTA 4RT300RR and 4RT260R trials models.

2024 Honda CBR1000RR

The CBR1000RR returns for 2024 in both ABS and non-ABS versions in the same Grand Prix Red livery offered in 2023. The 2024 CBR1000RR ABS is priced at $16,999 while the non-ABS model will come in at $16,599, with both prices seeing a $100 increase over last year's MSRPs. Expect both versions to arrive in dealerships in March.

2024 Honda CBR600RR

The CBR600RR is likewise returning for 2024 with the same Grand Prix Red color offered last year. Arriving in showrooms in February, the CBR600RR is priced at $12,199, while the CBR600RR ABS is priced at $13,199, both a $100 increase over 2023’s prices.

2024 Honda CB1000R

The CB1000R is also returning for 2024, with the same Black Edition styling. Available in February, the 2024 model retails for the same $12,999 price as last year.

2024 Honda SCL500

The SCL500 scrambler is also coming back for 2024, with the new Matte Black Metallic color option shown above joining the returning Candy Orange and Matte Laurel Green Metallic colors offered last year.

Arriving in showrooms in April, the SCL500 retails for $6,799.

2024 Honda CRF300L

The Honda CRF300L returns for 2024 with three versions: with or without ABS, and in the ABS-equipped low-seat CRF300LS. Arriving in April, the base model CRF300L retails for $5,449 while the ABS version (both in the same Red color option) raises the price to $5,749. The shorter CRF300LS is also priced at $5,749, but it will be available in the Swift Gray below.

2024 Honda CRF300L Rally

The more adventuresome CRF300L Rally is also returning for 2024 in Red. Pricing starts at $6,199, with ABS raising the price to $6,499. It too arrives in showrooms in April.

2024 Honda XR650L

The venerable XR650L is also back, continuing its long-standing reputation for simplicity and dependability. It will once again be available in White, though for this year, the red and black stripes on the tank logo are now blue and red. The 2024 XR650L will be available in March for $6,999.

2024 Honda XR150L

A longtime staple in other markets but still relatively new to the U.S., the XR150L is also returning, with a choice of Black or White color options. Expect it in dealerships in February for $3,099.

2024 Honda Trail125

The funky Trail125 returns as part of American Honda’s Minimoto lineup, with the new Tumeric Yellow color replacing the relatively drab Pearl Organic Green offered in 2023. The MSRP does get a $100 bump to $4,099, however, with availability beginning in March.

2024 Honda PCX

The 157cc PCX scooter returns for 2024 with the same Matte Brown Metallic color as last year, but a $100 bump in price to $4,249.

2024 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT

Honda’s Trials machines are also returning for 2024 in two versions, the standard 4RT260R or the competition-ready 4RT301RR pictured above. The standard model will come in Red for a price of $9,299, while the Montesa Cota 4RT301RR will be available in Red or White for $11,899. Both models will be available in February.

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Dennis Chung
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  • Bear Bear on Jan 31, 2024

    Sad the 600RR hasn't evolved in millennia.

  • Eric Robert Ellis Eric Robert Ellis on Feb 15, 2024

    Good lord, I mean how exactly are we supposed to help revive the dying-for-a-decade 600 sport bike class if the manufacturers refuse to send us the new ones when they finally DO make them???