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A weekend of riding and camping in the San Juan Mountains

This August, the Mosko Moto team will bring the Dusty Lizard event to Silverton, Colorado. Participants can engage in a weekend of riding and camping in the San Juan mountains. The organizers will offer suggested routes with GPX files tailored for adventure bikes and dual sports. Evening activities will include beverages, live music, and meals provided by local catering services.

There are several ticket and camping options, accommodating those camping off their bikes or from their cars.

Various camping packages are available

Additionally, various motorcycle-related businesses will display their products. Ruby Moto Lights and Taco Moto Co. will be among the exhibitors, and Bivouac Coffee will serve morning beverages. Attendees can also join training sessions with FGF Motorcycle Rider Training to enhance their riding skills before exploring the trails.

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