Krämer Chosen As Spec Bike For MotoAmerica Talent Cup Staff
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The Krämer APX-350 MA is the official spec bike of the MotoAmerica Talent Cup.

MotoAmerica, North America's premier road racing championship, is set to introduce the MotoAmerica Talent Cup in 2025 as part of its "Road To MotoGP" program.

This new initiative aims to create a pathway for young American road racers to reach the highest levels of the sport. The Talent Cup will feature riders aged 14-21 competing on Krämer racing motorcycles powered by 350cc KTM engines. This new championship replaces the current Junior Cup class.

This new spec-racing class is designed to better prepare young racers for higher levels of competition compared to the production-class motorcycles used in the Junior Cup since 2018.

The Krämer APX-350 MA, the designated bike for the Talent Cup, produces over 50 horsepower and weighs under 255 pounds. It features a fully adjustable chassis and suspension, managed by a Mectronik MKE5 racing ECU, and will be fitted with Dunlop tires. Full technical specifications and details will be released in August.

The Krämer APX-350 MA will be available for $22,495.

This is the first time MotoAmerica has created a class with performance-level bikes similar to other "Road to MotoGP" Talent Cups worldwide. The MotoAmerica Talent Cup will include at least six events and one preseason test, with one event held alongside the 2025 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

The Talent Cup offers significant benefits, including invitations for up to five riders per year to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection. The Krämer APX-350 MA will be available for $22,495, with deliveries expected in mid-February 2025. Registration for the waitlist will be available on the Krämer website.

Additionally, top riders from the MotoAmerica Mini Cup National Championships and the FIM MiniCUP Series will receive free season entries to the Talent Cup, provided they meet the age requirements. This initiative aims to motivate and support young racers in advancing their careers within the sport.

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  • Imtoomuch Imtoomuch on Jun 21, 2024

    Spec series are boring. I don’t want to watch a race full of KTMs.

  • SamFixit SamFixit on Jun 22, 2024

    That sounds like a LOT of money for something that is probably countrary actually fostering new Tallent. Echoes of a dying NASCAR. So many, MANY rules and no real competition to watch.

    I raced a Yamaha RD350 in AAMRR production class for what in reality was CHEAP. My bike had fallen at the dealership so I got a nice discount for the scratches. I was pretty sure I would add more. Which I did. Fantastic, level ground platform to learn on. And great, friendly competition. At a realistic price. For those not aware, parts from Yamaha's actual road racing motorcycles would fit right onto the RD350. They were THAT close. So a great bike to race on.

    • Imtoomuch Imtoomuch on Jun 24, 2024

      NASCAR isn't as popular as it once was, but it is far from "dying". That is a farce. I agree that the price of this bike seems high, but they are comparing it to something like a Yamaha R3 that would have to be given all new suspension and more. That alone would probably take the R3 price higher than this bike.