If you’ve ever been a fan of a popular, long-running TV show, you’ll probably remember at least one instance of the characters pausing and looking back at previous episodes. While this technique is mostly used in sitcoms and is probably put together by the writers for the show when they couldn’t get a new episode written in time to meet the production schedule, the episodes usually are a great tool for reminding ourselves about why we are so attached to particular shows. These retrospectives drive discussions among fans about why certain clips were or weren’t used for the episode.

For our little foray into self-congratulation in this, our 20th anniversary year, we thought we’d let you, the readers, decide which motorcycle road tests we should include in our retrospective. So, we consulted our website statistics to discover the 10 single motorcycle evaluations that received the most clicks. While this obviously favors models that have been around for a few years, gathering those eyeballs, the results are still interesting.

Let’s fire up the MO Wayback Machine, do a little navel gazing, and see what we learn. Tell us what you think about your choices for the most popular road tests in the comments.

  • fastfreddie
  • Old MOron

    Four out of the top ten were (gulp) cruisers?!
    No wonder JB isn’t allowed to call them StoooPid any more.

    • Shawn Poorman

      Haha given that Harley still controls more than half of the entire USA motorcycle market, I’m not at all surprised that their bikes and the cheaper alternatives made the list. The big surprise here to me was the popularity of the monster review. Interesting that everyone wanted to check it out but they’re still not a huge seller.

      Maybe it’s the relatively low (compared to Japanese alternatives) price/performance ratio and relatively high cost of ownership. Or maybe it just looks so good that people wanna check it out but they don’t buy because Americans insist on fairings.

      For me, I’m in love with it. But if Yamaha decides to bring us ABS on the fz 07, I think I would buy it over the monster. The new Honda cbr650f is nice as well, but a bit porky for my taste. Decisions, decisions.

  • Garrett Gerard

    How many views did this article garner? That wasn’t mentioned anywhere, and I’m just curious. I’ve been a fan since before the $11.94 subscription days, and was one of the few who actually paid the subscription. BTW, since that time you’ve really progressed nicely. The video production quality of late has been really outstanding (e.g. the Harley Livewire video). Keep up the good work.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I have the listing in order of ranking but not the raw numbers. What specific article were you asking about?