9. KTM Freeride E-XC


Yes, folks, I’m including an electric bike in this mix. I’ve never had a bad time riding a KTM, and I have no reason to believe the Freeride E-XC would let me down. When I see the Freeride E-XC, I feel like I could terrorize the nearest construction zone or public park. And thanks to the nearly silent electric propulsion, nobody would even know I was there. Then, of course, I could ride it in its natural dirt environment and have a ton of fun. Without the need to worry about the controls typically seen on the left side of a motorcycle (clutch and shifter), the E-XC, with its 21 horses and 40 lb.-ft. of instantaneous torque, presents true twist-n-go enjoyment. Alas, I’ll have to rely on our European readers to tell me how it is.