The KTM 890 SMT is Coming to North America for 2024

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Touring supermoto returns to the US market

KTM announced the return of the touring supermoto to North America with the new 890 SMT. Originally announced for other markets for 2023, the new SMT will arrive in dealerships in the United States and Canada in December as a 2024 model. Pricing remains to be announced.

Though bIlled as a mix between KTM’s adventure and street models, the SMT sets off in a different direction from crossover sport-touring models from competitors like the BMW F 900 XR or Yamaha Tracer 9 GT. But instead of combining an ADV with a naked bike or a sportbike, KTM leans more toward supermotos, hence the images of Pikes Peak winner Chris Fillmore performing burnouts and wheelies up Sardinian mountain roads. The SMT is marketed as a play bike that can tackle a hill climb, and then take you to the next hill to do it again.

The bodywork is similar to the 890 Adventure, and it has the same split LED headlight design, but it’s topped by a much shorter windscreen to balance wind protection and sportiness. The SMT has a high fender similar to the one on the 450 SMR, but also a low tire-hugging fender with splash guards on the lower fork legs. KTM says the double-fender design helps displace water and protect the rider’s legs and torso better than a single unit.

Like the Adventure, the 890 SMT has a saddle-shaped fuel tank, but with a smaller 4.2 gallon capacity. Its shape is designed to allow greater freedom of movement for the rider. KTM says the 890 SMT should provide a range of more than 186 miles.

The 2024 KTM 890 SMT is powered by a retuned version of the 889cc Parallel-Twin LC8c engine found in models like the 890 Adventure. KTM claims a peak output of 105 hp at 8,000 rpm and 73.8 lb-ft. at 6,500 rpm.

The engine is fitted to a Cromoly steel trellis frame, with a similar geometry to the 890 Adventure R. The frame uses the engine as a stressed member, helping reduce weight and overall size. The rear subframe is also a steel trellis unit, designed to have a light weight while sturdy enough to support a passenger and luggage.

The supermoto-shaped seat is 33.9 inches from the ground, the same as the 890 Adventure’s seat height at its highest setting. For a customized fit, the handlebar is adjustable, rotating in the mounting clamps through six positions across a 1.2-inch range.

The 17-inch alloy wheels are matched with Michelin PowerGP tires. WP supplies its APEX suspension, with a 43 mm fork and angled rear monoshock, both offering full adjustability and 7.1 inches of travel. The braking system consists of dual radially-mounted four-piston J.Juan calipers with 320 mm discs up front and a single two-piston floating caliper and 260 mm rear disc combo. A cornering ABS system comes standard, including a Supermoto ABS mode that allows the rider to lock the rear wheel for deliberate slides.

The 890 SMT offers three standard ride modes, Rain, Street, and Sport, plus an optional Track mode that allows for a selection of throttle modes and 10 levels of lean-sensitive traction control. Also optional are cruise control, bidirectional quickshifter, and motor slip regulation. And by optional, we mean they come with the bike and are available for a brief trial period, but you’d have to pay an additional fee to keep using them.

Smartphone connectivity does come standard, via the KTMconnect app, enabling music, phone calling, and turn-by-turn navigation through the 5-inch TFT display.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

Dennis has been a part of the team since 2008, and through his tenure, has developed a firm grasp of industry trends, and a solid sense of what's to come. A bloodhound when it comes to tracking information on new motorcycles, if there's a new model on the horizon, you'll probably hear about it from him first.

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  • David K David K on Nov 24, 2023

    I was going to say the same thing. This is no touring bike but maybe another model to create additional revenue for maybe 100 buyers in the USA? If it was meant to be a touring motorcycle it would have a larger front wheel to lessen the impact of holes in the pavement, and as mentioned where do you put the Givi cases, one side only? Too small of fairing/windshield to protect the rider, and the seat?

    • Duken4evr Duken4evr on Nov 25, 2023

      It's 4.17 gallon fuel capacity isn't too touring oriented either. SMT has always been a somewhat kinder and gentler sport bike for old guys with hooligan proclivities.

  • Randy Randy on Nov 25, 2023

    some decent glossy colors please.