$59.99: Moto-D Racing Helmet Case


As sturdy as they seem, motorcycle helmets need to be handled carefully. This is particularly true when traveling. Even if one doesn’t want to carry a helmet case onboard an airplane, the case will still provide an additional layer of protection inside a suitcase. The case is worth its weight in gold when carrying a helmet in a car or pickup. So, if you have a motorcyclist who needs to protect her lid while in transit, take a look at Moto-D Racing’s Helmet Case. The universal design should fit most helmets, while the sturdy exterior prevents nicks and scratches to the helmet’s finish. The bag’s internal suspension straps keep the helmet from banging around inside the bag. An extra visor can be carried in the case’s exterior mesh pocket. Interior venting helps the helmet dry out after a hot track day and keeps the dreaded helmet funk from settling in to your noggin protector. Visit Moto-D’s website to order your gift.