$59.00: Etymotic mk5 Isolator Earphones


Although Bluetooth communicators are becoming increasingly popular, not everyone has the green to pop for one of those pricey units. Still, for riders who want to listen to their smartphone’s GPS or their music player out on the road, a good set of sound-damping earphones can serve the same purpose at a significantly lower cost. Etymotic has long been a favorite among musicians and audiophiles, and the company’s mk5 Isolator Earphones bring many of their superior audio qualities into the value-priced range. First, 35–42 dB of noise isolation is provided by the silicon flanged tips to the earbuds that are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of ear canals. When properly inserted, the mk5s deliver sound true to the source. The clear sound combined with the noise isolation qualities allows lower volumes to be used and still hear the directions or music even at elevated speeds. Etymotic uses special filters to protect the earphones from earwax that can contaminate the earphones’ drivers. So, when you give these earphones, perhaps you should order a set of extra filters, too. Learn more about Etymotic, its earphones, and its noise attenuating earplugs at the company’s website.