$79.98: Bobster Gunner Riding Glasses


If the rider in your life wears an open-face helmet and you want to help protect their vision, take a look at the Bobster Gunner Riding Glasses. Constructed of black polycarbonate, these sunglasses include two lenses (clear and photochromatic) and are capable of accepting prescription lenses. The removable, replaceable closed-cell foam encircling the lenses makes the Gunner riding glasses more than just sunglasses. The vented foam helps to keep debris out of a rider’s eyes at speed. And they look like biker shades, too. The package contains a carrying case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a goggle strap, a removable closed-cell foam seal, and clear and photochromatic lenses. If your think the Gunner or a different style of glasses would look good on your rider, cruise on over to the Bobster website.