$97.00: Aerostich Dispatch Bag


You’re probably tired of reading about how great Aerostich motorcycle gear is, but that’s too bad. Here’s one more: The Aerostich Dispatch Bag provides a smaller, possibly more versatile option to the cavernous Courier Bag. Riders need to carry things, and backpacks are frequently not the ideal way. The Dispatch bag has an easily adjustable shoulder strap that allows heavier items to rest on the bike’s seat. Built to withstand the tests of time Aerostich bags are constructed of super-strong 1000D polyurethane-backed Cordura nylon. Sealing the cargo compartment, tenacious ultra-wide hook-and-loop closures makes sure items stay safe inside. As if that weren’t enough, two adjustable length nylon clips allow the bag to be cinched closed if the item is of a shape that prevents the hook-and-loop from connecting. Inside, you’ll find a bright yellow interior to ease locating objects. Two interior pockets allow for safe storage of smaller items. All Aerostich bags can be ordered in your choice of black, blue, grey, Hi-Viz, red and pink. The $97.00 Dispatch Bag’s dimensions are 12” height × 7” width × 12” base. All color options will light up at night, thanks to the wide strip of 3M Scotchlite on the flap. Your rider will never forget you for the gift of an Aerostich bag. Order yours at Aerostich.com.