MO Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Top 10 $50 – $100

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield
mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

While the MO Holiday Gift categories range in price from cheap to astronomical, the $50-$100 range falls into the practical spectrum. Here, you can find some gift ideas that the rider in your life can actually use while not breaking your budget. Although we don’t want to make your gifts the equivalent of comfortable shoes, we still managed to include some footwear. Still, we hope that you’ll see the practicality in (almost) every choice.

$59.99: Moto-D Racing Helmet Case

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

As sturdy as they seem, motorcycle helmets need to be handled carefully. This is particularly true when traveling. Even if one doesn’t want to carry a helmet case onboard an airplane, the case will still provide an additional layer of protection inside a suitcase. The case is worth its weight in gold when carrying a helmet in a car or pickup. So, if you have a motorcyclist who needs to protect her lid while in transit, take a look at Moto-D Racing’s Helmet Case. The universal design should fit most helmets, while the sturdy exterior prevents nicks and scratches to the helmet’s finish. The bag’s internal suspension straps keep the helmet from banging around inside the bag. An extra visor can be carried in the case’s exterior mesh pocket. Interior venting helps the helmet dry out after a hot track day and keeps the dreaded helmet funk from settling in to your noggin protector. Visit Moto-D’s website to order your gift.

$59.00: Etymotic mk5 Isolator Earphones

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

Although Bluetooth communicators are becoming increasingly popular, not everyone has the green to pop for one of those pricey units. Still, for riders who want to listen to their smartphone’s GPS or their music player out on the road, a good set of sound-damping earphones can serve the same purpose at a significantly lower cost. Etymotic has long been a favorite among musicians and audiophiles, and the company’s mk5 Isolator Earphones bring many of their superior audio qualities into the value-priced range. First, 35–42 dB of noise isolation is provided by the silicon flanged tips to the earbuds that are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of ear canals. When properly inserted, the mk5s deliver sound true to the source. The clear sound combined with the noise isolation qualities allows lower volumes to be used and still hear the directions or music even at elevated speeds. Etymotic uses special filters to protect the earphones from earwax that can contaminate the earphones’ drivers. So, when you give these earphones, perhaps you should order a set of extra filters, too. Learn more about Etymotic, its earphones, and its noise attenuating earplugs at the company’s website.

$66.45: Kryptonite Hardwire Key Cable

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

While a simple cable lock, no matter how stout, won’t protect a motorcycle from determined thieves, this six-foot cable from Kryptonite will go a long way towards your recipient’s peace of mind. With a length that will allow locking a bike to a large, immovable object, the Hardwire comes with features that make it easy to use – particularly the rotating head which makes lining up the pin to the head simple during locking and removal. If the bike has saddlebags, your giftee can take the lock out and about, making it easy to lock a helmet or two to the bike. You can buy the Kryptonite Hardwire at the company’s website or at other online venues.

$65.00: Motorcycle Tire Swing

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

Okay, so maybe the person you’re buying a present for isn’t yet a motorcyclist but is more than eight years old and really wants to be a biker. Here’s an opportunity to satisfy that riding urge in the comfort of the the shade provided by the backyard tree. Made of recycled car and truck tires, this swing is strong enough to hold bikers weighing up to 200 lbs. Although the swing itself appears to be a standard motorcycle, it could easily be customized with the inclusion of a cruiserish or sporting handlebar. Remember, you’re never too young to start practicing the bike control required for a bite the weenie contest. Order your Motorcycle Tire Swing at this eBay auction. Act quickly, quantities are limited.

$79.98: Bobster Gunner Riding Glasses

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

If the rider in your life wears an open-face helmet and you want to help protect their vision, take a look at the Bobster Gunner Riding Glasses. Constructed of black polycarbonate, these sunglasses include two lenses (clear and photochromatic) and are capable of accepting prescription lenses. The removable, replaceable closed-cell foam encircling the lenses makes the Gunner riding glasses more than just sunglasses. The vented foam helps to keep debris out of a rider’s eyes at speed. And they look like biker shades, too. The package contains a carrying case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a goggle strap, a removable closed-cell foam seal, and clear and photochromatic lenses. If your think the Gunner or a different style of glasses would look good on your rider, cruise on over to the Bobster website.

$79.90-$89.90: Roadgear Compact Tank Bag

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

You know your loved one needs to carry little essentials while out on a ride. Well, Roadgear’s Compact Tank Bag can serve this daily need. Available in two forms, magnetic ($89.90) and three-point strapped ($79.90), the bag is capable of carrying up to 10 liters. This volume may not seem large if you’re traveling across the continent, but for everyday use, it straddles the conflicting requirements of carrying capacity and unobtrusive size. When its maximum volume is required, unzipping the circumferential closure lets the bag expand. The bag is topped with a clear map/note pocket. An optional rain cover is available, as are backpack straps and additional three-point mounting kits. The Roadgear Compact Tank Bag ships in Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Silver/Black, Blue/Black, all Black color options. Giving this tank bag is sure to make any rider happy. Order yours at

$89.95: Big Bike Parts Inferno Heated Grips

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

We’re frequently commenting on how nice it is to have heated grips on a motorcycle – and we’re testing bikes in Southern California. Imagine how nice it could be as a holiday gift for a motorcyclist who actually rides in inclement weather! Big Bike Parts manufactures a line of heated grips ranging from ATV units to chrome festooned ones for the Honda GL1800. While those are out of our price range, the more reasonably priced Inferno Heated Grips can fit handlebars 7/8 in. or 1 in. diameter. BBP claims that the grips’ rubber compound is effective for both a firm grip and transference of heat. Another touted feature of the Inferno Grips is their maximum temperature of 170°, which is necessary to combat the cold sink of the metal parts and wind blast. To keep your digits at the proper temperature, the Inferno Grips ship with five preset intensities through its one button E-Z temperature controller. Additionally, an optional battery saver mode turns off the grips if the voltage falls below 12.5 volts. Check out Big Bike Parts’ website to find out how to give your motorcyclist a warm feeling during cold weather.

$90.00: Bates Boots Men’s Spencer Boot

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

Here at MO, we’re often seen testing boots that cost hundreds of dollars, but you don’t need to spend that much dough to get basic motorcycle foot protection for someone you care about. Case in point, these Spencer Boots from Bates Boots tip the scale at just $90.00 while still providing what a rider needs in everyday gear. Constructed with a leather and mesh upper with a padded collar around the ankle, the boot has a durable but comfortable exterior. The interior consists of a full-length cushion sock lining. For firm footing on potentially slippery surfaces, the rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant. Order a pair of the Spencer Boots from the Bates Boots website.

$94.95: Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

As if the shorter days and dropping temperatures aren’t enough of a clue, the relentless holiday music pumped out at retail establishments says that Winter is here. You have less than a month’s worth of shopping days to take care of presents for the motorcyclist in your life. If that special someone rides as much as possible throughout the year, you should consider giving him/her a pair of Alpinestars Apex Daystar Gloves. With their thermal velour liner and a breathable, 100% waterproof Drystar membrane inside the gloves, your rider will be protected from the elements in all but the coldest of winter climes. To protect against mishaps the glove shell is constructed of goat skin and padded textile reinforcements. Molded foam tops the knuckles on the precurved fingers. The full-length gauntlet features dual hook-and-loop adjustments while accordion panels allow a proper fit over a variety of jacket sleeves. Order yours directly from Alpinestars or your favorite online vendor.

$97.00: Aerostich Dispatch Bag

mo holiday gift guide 2014 top 10 50 100

You’re probably tired of reading about how great Aerostich motorcycle gear is, but that’s too bad. Here’s one more: The Aerostich Dispatch Bag provides a smaller, possibly more versatile option to the cavernous Courier Bag. Riders need to carry things, and backpacks are frequently not the ideal way. The Dispatch bag has an easily adjustable shoulder strap that allows heavier items to rest on the bike’s seat. Built to withstand the tests of time Aerostich bags are constructed of super-strong 1000D polyurethane-backed Cordura nylon. Sealing the cargo compartment, tenacious ultra-wide hook-and-loop closures makes sure items stay safe inside. As if that weren’t enough, two adjustable length nylon clips allow the bag to be cinched closed if the item is of a shape that prevents the hook-and-loop from connecting. Inside, you’ll find a bright yellow interior to ease locating objects. Two interior pockets allow for safe storage of smaller items. All Aerostich bags can be ordered in your choice of black, blue, grey, Hi-Viz, red and pink. The $97.00 Dispatch Bag’s dimensions are 12” height × 7” width × 12” base. All color options will light up at night, thanks to the wide strip of 3M Scotchlite on the flap. Your rider will never forget you for the gift of an Aerostich bag. Order yours at

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