Ducati has started teasing a new model reveal for Oct. 15, with all indications suggesting it will be for the new Multistrada V4. Contrary to our initial report, however, it looks like the engine might be going smaller than the Panigale V4’s 1103cc engine and not larger to 1158cc. [UPDATE: Ducati clarified that the Oct. 15 announcement will be for the Multistrada V4’s engine. The bike itself will be revealed Nov. 4.]

Ducati released teasers across its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels, all showing different pictures of four pistons and the description: “4 is lighter than 2. It can also be more compact.” Ducati also launched a landing page on its website for the new model, listing three more hints or “theorems” scheduled for Oct. 1, Oct. 8, and Oct. 13. There’s also an image depicting the four pistons and both a paved and unpaved surface, which suggests an adventure bike such as the Multistrada V4.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that our initial theory about a 1158cc Multistrada was incorrect. We based that hypothesis on Ducati listing an 1158cc V-Four engine on a vehicle identification number (VIN) decoding document filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, along with a mysteriously named “1706 Project” model. Ducati had also previously said the Multistrada V4 would have a “new, specific V4 engine”. We put two and two together and assumed the new 1158cc would be that specific Multistrada V4 engine.

It seems adding two and two refers to a different four (or V4, in this case), as Ducati hints at a smaller bore for the Multistrada, saying: “the adaptation of V4 to a smaller bore achieves the objective of a weight reduction of 1.2 kg compared to the previous V2 generation.” Our original logic was sound, but does not fit the new information from Ducati.

The pistons are also stamped with the code “1707-1D”, which may suggest that the Multistrada V4 is actually Project 1707 and not the 1706 mentioned in the VIN document. The VIN document also mentioned an 1803 Project as a new liquid-cooled Monster, and a 1703 Project, though there are no clues to the latter.

Ducati Stradale V4 engine

If the Multistrada V4 is going for a smaller bore, we’re likely looking at an engine that fits between the Multistrada 1260 and Multistrada 950 V-Twins. Our initial 1158cc theory would have fit right in, but Ducati’s clues suggest something below 1103cc. Reducing the bore from the Panigale V4S’ 81.0 mm to 79.0 mm while keeping the 53.5 stroke, for example, would put us around 1049cc, while a 77.1 mm bore would put us close to 1000cc.

As for the 1158cc V-Four from the VIN decoder, it’s possible this refers to a larger engine for the Panigale V4 and V4S as part of a Euro 5 update. The Panigale V4R will also need to be updated to meet Euro 5 standards, but as a racing homologation model, it will be restricted to a maximum 1000cc displacement.

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