Dubbed The Greatest of All Time, or simply, the GOAT, Valentino Rossi is a living legend in the world of MotoGP. Fans can’t get enough of him, and frankly, neither can we. Thankfully, Rossi is also sponsored by Monster Energy drinks, who have funded the making of a five-part series entitled: Valentino Rossi: The Doctor. In this, the fourth of five episodes (you can catch episode 1 hereepisode 2 here, and episode 3 here), we step away slightly from Valentino the racer, and learn more about Valentino, the person. As we get to know more about Valentino, we see how his jovial personality carries over onto the racetrack. Check out Monster’s description of the video below, then keep scrolling to view the episode.

*Unfortunately, Monster’s editing team made a number of mistakes in this vid. During the portion where Rossi talks about his legendary first race with Yamaha at Welkom, South Africa in 2004, the video shows video clips from Catalunya instead. Monster’s editing team also claim Rossi won five titles in a row with Honda. Lastly, the origin behind The Doctor moniker is rather simple (Rossi rides with surgical precision), but Monster flubbed that, too. Those errors aside, the video as a whole is rather entertaining.

Valentino Rossi sits at the centre of his own whirlwind. Success on the track has been matched with a colourful character, universal appeal in the world of sport and a higher profile than perhaps any other motorcycle racer in the history of Grand Prix. Rather than shying from the spotlight or tiring from the attention the Italian forged a persona; a means to transmit the enjoyment of racing and motorcycling that underpins his longevity and continuing influence.

‘The Doctor’ first appeared in a bevy of yellow, bright letters, a ‘46’ and some cartoon logos. The post-race celebrations, liveries, japes and antics through the course of nine world championship wins helped cement Rossi’s professional image as one of fun as much as competitive ruthlessness. This latest episode – ‘The Doctor’ – looks closer at the man and his impact and influence through two decades of MotoGP and some of most memorable moments in modern day Grand Prix. The Tavullia inner circle is again the rich source of information and perspective as we try to go behind the theatricalities of ‘The Doctor.’