Dubbed The Greatest of All Time, or simply, the GOAT, Valentino Rossi is a living legend in the world of MotoGP. Fans can’t get enough of him, and frankly, neither can we. Thankfully, Rossi is also sponsored by Monster Energy drinks, who have funded the making of a five-part series entitled: Valentino Rossi: The Doctor. In this, the third of five episodes (you can catch episode 1 here, and episode 2 here), the series follows Valentino to his famed training ground: The Ranch. A throwback to the racers of the past, Rossi likes to keep his skills sharp by practicing in the dirt. But he also likes staying close to home when possible. Luckily, Valentino’s father, Graziano Rossi, purchased some land for his son long ago that Valentino turned into his personal playground for he and his friends to practice on. Check out Monster’s description of the video below, then keep scrolling to view the episode.

‘The Ranch’ is a source of inspiration, motivation and high-speed adrenaline for Valentino Rossi. At this private facility just outside his hometown of Tavullia the Italian has prolonged his love of motorcycles, his passion for competition and laid the foundations for an even longer legacy in the sport of MotoGP. Granted exclusive and special access this is a unique insight and glimpse into the dirt track facility and the regenerative role it has played for ‘46’. From chronicles of its creation owing to a land purchase by his father Graziano to tales of BBQs, bench-racing, and visits from some of the world’s most renowned motorsports athletes this is the story of ‘The Ranch’ told by those who have tasted the dust. Come for a special trip into the curves and camaraderie in the hills of Tavullia.