Reader Rides

If you like vintage motorcycles, wild customs or anything else out of the ordinary, this is the place for you. We’ve toured Jay Leno’s awe-inspiring garage, talked to Bob Gill about his insane Jet Bike project and visited with some of the most innovative custom bike builders anywhere. The two-wheeled world is a crazy place – this is just a small corner of it.

Motorcycling in Tokyo

Spend a week in crazy Tokyo and I am not so sure you'll understand what goes on in the minds of our urban Japanese fellows. Considering the fact that this country stands behind many of our two wheeled fantasies, this might come as a bit of a shock.

The Big Chill

I wasn't going to ride alone if I could help it. Thirty-six hours until the departure to Florida on my '01 Kawasaki Concours and I wanted another bike to accompany me on the cruise. After all, misery loves company.

The Adventures of Riding in Korea

Picture riding within artillery range of the world's most fortified border, breathing semi-toxic pollution and dodging kamikaze pizza-delivery scooters.

Around The Lake

A father and son share an unforgettable ride around Lake Michigan, resulting in a bonding experience that neither will soon forget.

Investing in precious metals

If you've been to a vintage motorcycle swap meet/show, chances are a Glenn Bator restored bike was among the machines.

The Pyrenees - Paradise for Two Wheels

Take a photographic journey with Bob Stokstad through the Pyrenees and discover little-known details about these magnificent mountains.

Go East Part 2

Leaving behind the magic two-stroke kingdom of Saxony wasn't easy but the big Beemer wants to move on. After living with it for a week, it feels much more docile; it even stopped lurching and clonking in traffic, so I'll let him have his wish.

Baddest Bossest Hosses

Boss Hoss motorcycles are pretty wild in their own right. But Eddie Paul found ways to make a couple even more outrageous.

Go East Part 1

Long time Euro correspondent Yossef Schvetz takes us on another ecclectic tour. This time Yossef gives us his unique take on Eastern Europe from the saddle of a BMW.

Far-flung reporter: Letter from the Isle of Man

The year 1907 marked the debut of the Isle of Man TT, one of the most epic two-wheel races that ever existed, run flat-out on public roads where a tiny mistake can be fatal.

MO Version 2.0

From the desk of's new Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Duke, June 2007

Scooters Vs. Motorcycles

Webster Dictionary Definition of Scooter: An animal that pivots on the front feet and scoots the back end around, instead of pivoting on the front feet and kicking the hind feet.* Webster Dictionary Definition of Moped: a person who mopes or

Slow Down!... You Can't Win.

I've lived in Greater L.A. for over 13 years. In retrospect, I can see that early on I was a gullible softy from the Mid-West, shaped into a battle-hardened denizen out of necessity. Like so many cockroaches that gradually took over my first dingy apartme

When in Rome...

Ah, Rome. The Eternal City is full of romance, history and plenty of traffic, so if you're a motorcyclist, you might think it would make a lot of sense to see the city by scooter or motorcycle