Beth Dixon: Day Sixteen

DAY SIXTEEN Sunday, Oct. 2

After filling the gas tank and a quick breakfast, I left Cloverdale on Highway 101 headed south. I wanted to stop at the Korbel champagne cellars in Guerneyville on the way home. I thought a bottle of brut would be a great way to end my vacation. I had plenty of time for a little side trip. Cloverdale to Sunnyvale is only about 150 miles.

I took the Guerneyville/Westport Road exit. Wrong exit. It got me where I was going, but it wasn't the road I was thinking of. Westport Road is a tight, twisty two-lane with really awful pavement. The road surface is strewn with potholes, frost heaves and all manner of rotten pavement. It tried its best to knock my teeth out. Sheesh.

Westport Road did join up with River Road, the road I had wanted off of 101. There must be an exit further south for River Road, and I just hadn't gone far enough. Oh well. River Road has much better pavement, and is more of a medium-speed sweepers sort of road. I found Korbel no problem.

With a couple of bottles of Blanc de Blanc -- I had to get two bottles or my luggage would have been out of balance -- stuffed into my already full saddelbags, I headed back down River Road toward 101.

I took 101 South towards San Francisco. The fog was blowing in over the hills starting at about the Waldo Grade, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the coast had been the day before. Going over the Golden Gate Bridge was a little damp, foggy and chilly, but that's normal and I had expected it to be worse than it was.

We'd made it! Just over the Golden Gate, I took 19th through the city to 280 South. Traffic wasn't that bad on 280, so I kept the speedo needle up around 80mph and ran for home. 280 to 85 North to 237 East. I took the Fair Oaks exit and was home three blocks later.

I parked the bike, took the luggage inside, and headed for the shower. Then I celebrated with one of those bottles of champage. Two weeks and 4,300 miles, just the 750SS and me.

 Yes, you can post a message to Beth Dixon right here. The pictures "Beth on the Connie" and "Beth and the boys" were taken by Pat Loughery. The remaining pictures were by Godfrey DiGiorgi, who also digitized them. The map segments were digitized by Ian Black Concepts. The intro was written and the layout created by Frank Hilliard. Much moral support for this project came from Brent Plummer. All of us hope you enjoyed reading it.

Home at last!!

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