Beth Dixon: Day Two

Sunday, Sept. 18

Got up when I felt like it, showered, grabbed a bagel for breakfast. Decided it was silly to bring a tent on a two week trip and maybe use it twice. Repacked the bike yet again.

 Left for Ed Hackett's about 2:30pm. Took 237 East to 680 (I bypassed the 880/Mission section) to 580 to 205 to 5N to 4 to 99. All yucky freeway, but it gets me to 88. Hee. I like 88. Did not see any kangaroos outside of Jackson this time. Took 88 to 395 to Ed's place. Pulled into the driveway about 7:30 just after dark. Bugs come out along 395 after dark. Blah. Parked next to a loaded BMW I didn't recognize. Was greeted immediately by Roland Smith. Ah, it's one of Roland's bikes. Spent a grand and lazy evening chatting with Roland, Ed and Bonnie, Ed's roommate Monte, and Monte's girlfriend Maralee. Bonnie needs to learn about sunscreen. :-) Maralee makes excellent chocolate chip cookies which went very well with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Shortly after making a pig of myself, I crashed.

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