Beth Dixon: Day Eight

Sat., Sept. 24

Up about 7am. I hate folks who're cheery first thing in the morning. Bill is one of _them_. Grrr. He also seemed rather surprised that his chiming clock hadn't kept me awake. I didn't even know the damn thing chimed. I can sleep through almost anything. A cup of coffee helped me to wake up. Bill covered the table in waffles, bacon and fruit. Very tasty. Bill's coffee cup had an astrological sign on it (Scorpio, I think) and I admitted I knew nothing about such things other than that I am an Aquarius. "Well _that_ explains a lot of things," was Bill's reply. Not sure, but I think I'd just been insulted. :-)

I packed up the Duc and signed the garage door. Guy Pace had arrived and the four of us left for the Loughery's. Guy on his Voyager or Bill on the FJ leading Chris on the K-bike. I rode sweep on the Ducati so I wouldn't hold anyone else up. We left Bill's place in Pullman about 10:30am.

We took 270 East to 27 North to 6 to 3 to 95 into Coeur d'Alene.  Nice roads with a couple of sets of good twisties. We stopped at a roadside cafe for something cold to drink. Bill asked Chris, who was riding directly behind him, if the new SuperTrapp on the FJ was too loud. Chris responded, "Hell, I can hear the Ducati _behind_ me over you!" Hee hee. So much for the rev-off between the FJ and my Duc at the Loughery's. As we got close to Pat and Shannon's, Bill motioned me up to lead the way. Chris and I were the only ones who'd thought to bring the directions, and I had them in the map pocket of my tank bag and readily visible. With Bill behind me for the first time, I made sure he understood what a real exhaust note sounds like. :-) After negotiating three or four streets strewn with gravel, we were there. Shortest day of riding for the entire trip -- a whole 135 miles. We arrived about 2:30pm.

Was almost immediately greeted by Pat and Godfrey DiGiorgi. Unloaded The Slut and headed for the shower. Ate lots of wonderful food and tried to drink my fair share of T. W. Fisher's from the keg. Signed the garage door and chatted. It was nice to see so many of the Northwet folks again. I missed the Gather this year, and was upset about that mostly because I missed seeing friends. The Paukstis family, Chris and Rebecca, Ed and Bonnie, Lissa, Marc, and many others -- I've forgotten the names that go with the faces. Special kudos to Jeff Achenbach. He rode up from Boise on a Ducati 750GT. Marc furthered my Goose interest by letting me sit on the V50. A little fairing, low bars and more rear-set pegs and it'd make one hell of a great commute/around town bike. Somehow a sticker of a deer showed up in the chinbar area of Godfrey's helmet.

After most had left to head for home, Godfrey, Jeff A. and I settled in to watch the ESPN2 coverage of the USGP at Laguna. Watching it on TV is very much different from being there in person. Pat set the coffee pot up so all we had to do was plug it in, and we said goodnight. As Jeff and I were sharing the living room floor, I warned him that I snore. :-)

Next: I attack Lolo Pass and pronounce it one of my three all- time favorite roads.

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