Beth Dixon: Day Three

Monday, Sept. 19

Roland was on the way south long before I was awake. Ed, Bonnie and I got up at a more civilized time, chatted. Again, I made a pig of myself. This time over Ed's buttermilk pancakes. It took me a while to get it in gear, but I knew I didn't have far to go.

I left Ed's about 1:30. I took 395N thru Reno. Was passed by FOUR police cars though I was doing about 70mph. Never did see what the hurry was. Maybe the local donut shop was having a sale.  Stopped for gas in Susanville and took 139 past Eagle Lake. I like this road. It's not so tight it takes forever to get anywhere, but it's tight enough to be interesting. The painted cattle guards always make me laugh. Cows are stupid. The road near the lake is always good for bird watching. Very little traffic. Stopped in Adin for gas but probably could have made it to Klamath Falls.

Just outside of Klamath Falls I saw the same flock of sheep that Tom and I and Ed had passed last year. It was the first flock of that trip, so I'd made sure Ed saw them. I remember Ed stood up on his pegs, beeped the horn and waved at the sheep. This year, as I went by on the Ducati, they all ran to the fence and looked down the road behind me. I could swear I saw disappointed looks on their faces when no K100RS came into view.

Checked into the Best Western and got the last room. There were a couple of Goldwings in the parking lot, but I never saw their owners. Unloaded luggage, then went to gas up the bike and grab some dinner. Back at the hotel to make a few phone calls. Lined up an evening with Martin & Carol. Spent some time looking over the map for the next day's route.

Next: this is Tuesday so it must be Crater Lake.

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