Beth Dixon: Day Fourteen

Friday, Sept. 30

I slept late; didn't wake up until almost 9:00am. Rob had planned to a stay at home and go to work late. He wanted a ride on The Slut. He'd remembered a 9:00 meeting and had had to go to work. Oh well. Next time. I drank a Snapple while catching up in my trip journal, then moved the bike from the garage to the street. I slung the saddlebags on the Duc, patted Muffin-the-cat goodbye, and made sure the door locked behind me. I filled the gas tank at just before the freeway. I was on I-5 headed south by 11:30a.m. Once again, I was late.

It was cloudy, damp and cool. There were a few really good roads I wanted to ride once I got into California. I had elected to stay on I-5 today and ride to either Redding or Red Bluff then stop for the night. I'd been warned the Oregon coast was a non-stop Winnebago Shuffle. I thought I'd make better time on I-5. I could ride all the fun roads tomorrow only if I made it at least as far as Redding today.

Other than a stop for gas and a couple of breaks in rest areas to stretch, I rode straight through. I had some munchies with me, so didn't need to stop for lunch. It never got warm and the sun never showed itself. I tense up when I get cold, which is not good. The first time I stopped in a rest area, I put on my electric vest. What a great invention. I know my hands and feet were not really any warmer, but my body trunk was kept warm so I felt better all over.

The ride was rather boring other than the semi-twisties over the Siskiyous. It finally warmed up as I decended into the California valley. I pulled off an exit to take off my electric vest. The clouds started to break up too.

I rolled into Redding about 6:30pm and pulled into a Motel 6. There was an FJ1200 in the parking lot but I didn't see it's owner.  I checked in, then walked across the street to a convenience store for dinner and break- fast fixings. Back in my room I took a shower, then ate dinner while reviewing my map for tomorrow's route. I watched TV for a while but didn't find the weather forecast for the area I'd be riding into. Called Godfrey to check in. He was out, so I left a message. If I didn't call every couple of days, I knew he'd worry about me. I turned in about 11:00, looking forward to the next day's ride.

Saturday: I repeatedly curse Brad Turner and his "you gotta ride 36 -- it's a great road!" suggestion.

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