1. Dani Pedrosa


Speaking of multi-time 250cc champs who never found success in the big show, we round out this list with Dani Pedrosa. A premier class rider since 2006, riding factory Repsol Hondas his entire MotoGP career, Pedrosa was supposed to be Honda’s golden child. Then a strange thing happened: he became overshadowed and outperformed by his teammates. First Nicky Hayden won it all in 2006, then Casey Stoner won his second championship in 2011, and now he’s teamed up with the prodigy that is Marc Marquez. He’s finished second in the championship three times and won 26 races so far, but with recent reports of severe arm pump limiting his capabilities on the bike, one has to wonder whether Pedrosa’s best days are behind him. The answer to this question remains to be seen, but considering the depth of the MotoGP field today, Dani will need his arm to cooperate and the stars to align if he ever hopes to be removed from the list of bridesmaids.