1. Evans tries the Rossi line


If you’ve never ridden at Laguna before, as was the case for “Fireball” Brasfield, the Corkscrew can catch you by surprise. It’s entry is blind, and the left turn leading in to it is sharper than many realize. Ever the racer though, Evans was constantly looking for the fast line through there and, inspired by none other than Valentino Rossi himself, created his own line through the Corkscrew. Unlike Rossi, however, the line clearly didn’t work. Worse yet, Evans was all alone on track. Valiant effort, EB, and thanks for running off in front of the cameraman!

  • Old MOron

    The lighter side of MO?
    Hmm, Mad Magazine used to have a regular section called “The Lighter Side of…”
    You MOrons are following a fine tradition.

  • William Marvin Parker

    When did Burns turn into Hunter Thompson?

  • Y U break teh Aprilia?! YYYY?! O.O

    • Evans Brasfield

      Follow the link to Troy’s editorial to see how it happened. Hint: Totally not his fault.