Let’s face it; by many accounts, 2016 was an awful year. We had terrorist attacks and the Zika virus, police shootings and the normalizing of the “Alt-Right,” Brexit and whatever the hell Ryan Lochte did at that gas station in Rio.

There was also the loss of cultural icons such as David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder and John Glenn. And let’s not even get into Harambe the gorilla.

The motorcycle industry was relatively sane in comparison to the rest of the world. Sure, it had its ups and downs, but at least it gave us respite from a world where being a Kardashian is still a thing. Here are some of the top motorcycle news items of 2016.

  • Bryan Spears

    Wow, Dennis. Not to turn this into a political forum, but really? One of the worst parts of 2016 is that people organized to promote the idea that there shouldn’t be a statistically significant difference in the use of force, based on the race of the person against whom it is used? Even if you do believe that.. and almost half of the country does.. can’t we keep this site focused on the awesomeness that is motorcycling?

    • denchung

      I see your point. I thought I was going for a bit of contrast to the Alt-Right but the way it was worded didn’t really convey it the way I wanted it to, and I’ll own up to that. Text has been amended.

      • Bryan Spears

        Seeing your reply, I realize that your comment was actually aimed at the conditions that made BLM necessary. Thank you for the clarification, and I apologize for being perhaps too pointed in my response.

        Have a safe and happy new year. Hopefully you’ll be able to get on two wheels again, soon. Mine are stuck in the garage for months, here in Alaska.

  • Starmag

    For me #5 is #1. I don’t envy the Top 10 writing assignment. Nice list Dennis.

  • OhSoRight

    “police shootings and the normalizing of the “Alt-Right,” Brexit ”

    I don’t go to political sites for motorcycle info, and I don’t need Motorcycle.com lecturing me on politics.

    I declined to click-thru your list.