Today is the day many EBR fans, including ourselves, have been waiting for: EBR motorcycles are back in production. After a lengthy (and complicated) period that saw EBR assets sold at auction to Bruce Belfer of Atlantic Metals Group LLC, then wrenched away and sold again to Liquid Asset Partners, it appears that stability has finally arrived.

Starting today, March 1, production will resume at EBR HQ in East Troy, Wisconsin. According to a press release issued by EBR, the new company, EBR Motorcycles LLC, will start with production of 2016 1190RX and 1190SX motorcycles. In January, Liquid Asset Partners announced its goal to have models rolling off the production line by “Mid-March” and in this latest announcement, the company expects to make good on its promise, having the first bikes roll off the line March 17.

In the release EBR Motorcycles LLC CFO, Bill Melvin Jr, stated that the company now has “financial stability, a profitable multi-year plan, and a 5-10 year vision.” He noted that new partnerships and investments would be welcome, but not critical at this point. “EBR is on solid ground and moving forward,” he said.

To celebrate the relaunch of EBR Motorcycles, the public are invited to attend a launch party on March 18 at the EBR factory on Buell Drive in East Troy, WI. Free food will be provided, and attendees will have an opportunity to meet-n-greet the EBR team and tour the production line. Also planned this day is a public auction to liquidate excess assets in the factory. This includes excess machinery, equipment, tools, “excess race assets,” and excess parts.

“I am really looking forward to the launch and the press day. I have dedicated my life to this and want to get the word out on how great our motorcycles are,” said Erik Buell, Founder and CTO.

Of course, this is only the beginning for EBR’s next chapter. Now the company plans to identify the top dealers in the country to help relaunch the brand. Pricing, warranty info and racing plans, EBR says, will be announced next week.