4. Ducati 998 (2002-2004)


Massimo Tamburini’s original 916 blew our pucks off in 1994, with styling that many think just isn’t ever going to go out of style. The 998 is the last Ducati to retain that look, but it’s packing the much-improved Testastretta engine that would go on to power the next-generation 999. More oversquare, more powerful, smoother-running and a delightful Duc-motor better in every way than the 916, they’re out there with less than 10,000 miles for $6k and less. If you get tired of riding it, park it by the fireplace and have a glass of vino. If you like yellow, 748s are even cheaper and revvier. You do need to bear in mind that a full service could cost a third of what you pay for the bike. Four-valve Desmo heads do not adjust themselves.