Alpinestars Introduces Tech-Air 7x Airbag System

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Longtime readers will know that we are big proponents of motorcycle airbag equipment here at Our own Troy Siahaan experienced the benefits of the technology first hand, after the airbag on his Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 vest deployed in a collision with a car.

That's a big reason we're intrigued by the new Tech-Air 7x just announced by Alpinestars at the Consumer Electronics Show. Designed for racers, the 7x replaces the previous Tech-Air RACE, with integration with Alpinestars' existing Tech-Air 3, 5, and 10 systems.

We hope to get our hands on one soon (though hopefully not for another crash test), but here's what Alpinestars has to say about it:

Alpinestars – Techinical Preview Tech-Air 7x

The New Generation of Autonomous Electronic Airbag Systems

Alpinestars has redefined protection for motorcyclists ever since the company was established in 1963, and today sees the brand launching Tech-Air® 7x, the all-new, autonomous motorcycling airbag system.

Tech-Air® 7x is the latest addition to the Alpinestars Tech-Air® family, which includes the Tech-Air® 10, Tech-Air® 5, Tech-Air® 3, and Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD systems. Alpinestars continues to lead the way in active air-bag technology for riders and their passengers. The all-new Tech-Air® 7x is a definitive demonstration of Alpinestars' continued commitment to making the most versatile airbag technology products in the industry.

The Tech-Air®7x system was developed for Road Racing competitions, with full coverage protection focused on the upper body. (Full-Back, Full-Chest, Collar Bones, and Shoulders) The Tech-Air®7x system replaces the Tech-Air® RACE, with the latest innovations coming from the Alpinestars research and development team. This autonomous system complements the existing range Tech-Air® 10, Tech-Air® 5, and Tech-Air® 3 systems.

Like the Tech-Air® RACE, one of the key features of the Tech-Air® 7x is its integration (via attachment) to Alpinestars Tech-Air® compatible garments for increased practicality and comfort with select Alpinestars racing leather suits and jackets. Tech-Air® 7x is also compatible with garments as a stand-alone Tech-Air® vest (Similar to Tech-Air® 5) with a converter kit included in the package.

The Tech-Air® 7x supports dual deployments with the end user being able to replace the canisters for the first four deployments before sending it in for full service and airbag bladder replacement.

A convenience feature of Tech-Air® 7x is the USB-C charging port located in the activation flap on the chest. It’s easily accessible even when the system is integrated inside a suit or jacket.

Over 20 years ago, Alpinestars began development on the original Tech-Air® system. When launched in the market in 2011, the Tech-Air® system was recognized as the world’s first airbag providing full upper body protection with a completely independent electronic management system, in addition to having the versatility of the vest which could be easily zipped into a variety of Tech-Air® compatible jackets. In December 2019, Tech-Air® 5 was recognized by CES as one of the must-see innovative products in the Wearables Technology Marketplace.

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Press Release
Press Release

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  • Paulévalence Paulévalence on Jan 17, 2024

    Nice, I love that they are letting the customer replace the cartridges, and the usb-c upgrade.

  • Rocky Rocky 7 days ago

    Wish my Tech Air 5 had user replaceable cartridges. It's worth noting that advertising/marketing copy for some of these systems often seem much less than up front about repack costs in the event of deployment. A quick search on my Tech Air 5 found a cartridge replacement service at around $180 and cartridge plus bag combined for $100 more. That is most likely exclusive of shipping costs.

    Hopefully increased market competition over time will bring prices in general down a bit and, make user cartridge servicing after deployment more available. I get that these are safety products which likely means the lawyers have their say in marketing and servicing but one would expect that these products already come with fine print disclaimers a mile long so, making them non-user serviceable then seems more profit than quality focused.