7. Etymotic ETY•Plugs HD Earplugs, $20

ETY Ear Plugs

Foam earplugs may work for lots of motorcyclists, but for those who have funny shaped ear canals that make it difficult to insert foam plugs or those who want sounds to retain their natural clarity while being reduced in volume, the Etymotic High-Definition Earplugs are a great option. Most foam earplugs concentrate their sound attenuation in the higher frequencies, often making normal conversation impossible. Etymotic has taken its experience in creating in-ear monitors for musicians and translated it to earplugs. With a construction that mimics the frequency response of the ear canal the earplugs reduce the intensity of the sound by approximately 20 dB. Other benefits include: less noise-related fatigue and better hearing in noisy situations — all while being able to maintain normal conversation. Etymotic also makes great headphones.