1. Anti Monkey Butt Bare Essentials Gift Pack, $ 15

Anti Monkey Butt

Too many riders have felt that discomfort in the butt-seat interface after a long day in the saddle. However, untold numbers of motorcyclists have come to appreciate Anti Monkey Butt Powder since its development in 2003. Formulated with a proprietary blend of talc, cornstarch and calamine, AMBP ends the pain by keeping your hind parts dry and reducing any itching or chafing. If this weren’t already enough to earn a Nobel Prize in medicine (maybe just a tad of embellishment, here), the Anti Monkey Butt Corporation has released a gift pack that contains body wash, shampoo and powder delivering the Anti Monkey Butt goodness to riders. While others may think of this as a gag gift, anyone who has ever suffered through a bad case of monkey butt will appreciate the love embodied in this selection. Order your gift pack directly from the manufacturer or at a local dealer.