In today’s world of motorcycle racing, sponsors and corporations have had so much influence on the way a motorcycle racing team looks that the riders themselves have had very little opportunity to express their own personal style. Helmets are the one area it seems where riders still have the ability to express themselves – and boy do some riders get creative!

In this week’s Top 10, we bring you a very subjective list of my 10 favorite racer helmet graphics. Personally, there are two criteria I took into account for this list. The first is that the lid has to be brash and loud, making it easier to spot on track. Bonus points if the helmet also has detailed artwork, making it fascinating to inspect up close. In the case it doesn’t fall into the first category, if, upon seeing it for the first time, the helmet makes me laugh, then it also makes its way here.

Most of the helmets here are currently in production or were at some point, meaning they have been available to the public. However, there are a few one-offs. Clearly, limiting this list to 10 meant many deserving lids ultimately got left behind. That’s where you chime in with your picks in the comments section. Here, then, are my favorites.