Upgrade Your Harley-Davidson's Radio With This Impressive Unit from Rockford Fosgate

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Keeping up with current technology on your Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever. If you’re looking for a powerful, waterproof and feature-rich receiver for your bike, then check out what Rockford Fosgate has in store for Street Glide, Electra Glide and Road Glide bikes. Their all-new digital media receiver is fully waterproof, packed with the latest audio tech and, best of all, designed to be plug-and-play. With a full-color, 3-inch screen and day/night modes, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 is an excellent upgrade for stock units and starts shipping in July 2019.

The PMX-HD9813 unit is designed from the start to be a drop-fit, high-quality replacement for stock audio receivers. Rockford Fosgate uses the same fit and finish you expect from original Harley-Davidson accessories, so it looks like it belongs on your bike. No issues with weird gaps. No concerns about build quality. The PMX-HD9813 is fully waterproof and compatible with the handlebar controls of your bike. Rockford Fosgate is one of the industry leaders in high-performance audio systems, which should give you confidence in the quality of the product.

There are a lot of features packed into the PMX-HD9813 that make it among the best in its class. The high-powered amp is capable of providing 50-watts of power over four channels. A 4-volt pre-amp system has been designed to completely eliminate audio clipping at high volume. Plus, you’ll get full Bluetooth capability to stream your favorite music.

While the PMX-HD9813 does not support stock satellite or CB radio receivers, it can be paired with the SiriusXM SXV300 tuner for satellite radio. AUX and USB inputs round out a competitive feature set. Controls are large and easy to use, especially when wearing gloves.

When it comes to installation, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 is surprisingly straightforward. Because it’s been designed for a direct fit, installation can be done in as little as an hour. Connecting to the existing wiring is virtually plug and play; no adapters or special tools are needed. Note that the PMX-HD9813 is designed to work with the factory wiring harness, and you might need an extra harness for rear-speaker lines.

Harley-Davidson owners who have been considering an upgrade to their stock audio receiver will want to take a look at the latest from Rockford Fosgate. The PMX-HD8913 is a significant improvement over the stock receivers on select 1998 through 2013 Harley-Davidson bikes. Coming from a company with a reputation like Rockford Fosgate, you can take confidence in the quality of the product and the sound it makes. A 2-year warranty is included with the purchase from Rockford Fosgate, as is the ability to apply software updates via USB. Check out the product details online now, or get it from your favorite Rockford Fosgate retailer.


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